Westlake football star pursuing NFL dream as Atlanta Falcons coaching intern

High 5 Sports start bounces back from brain injury as Atlanta Falcons coaching intern

Christion Abercrombie overcame the challenging odds of landing an NFL job. He recalls years ago when his football career ended after he collapsed on the field.

It’s been four years since Christion Abercrombie collapsed on a football field due to a traumatic brain injury. 

The former HIGH 5 Sports star can never play football, the game he loves, again. Abercrombie never gave up on his dream of reaching the NFL, he just took a different route.

Abercrombie does the dirty work as a coaching intern for the Atlanta Falcons, and he loves it. His responsibilities include running water to players and setting up the weight room.

“I love being around football,” he said.

Abercrombie said it’s hard to believe it’s been four years since the day that changed his life forever. The former Westlake High School football player was playing football for Tennessee State University. During a game against Vanderbilt, he collapsed on the sideline. His injury required emergency brain surgery

“You’ve gotta cherish every moment,” he said. “You gotta take every moment serious. I learned that when I got injured, and it got taken away in one day.”

He spent months at the Atlanta’s Shepherd Center. After making incredible progress in his recovery, Abercrombie turned back to his NFL dreams.

“I always wanted to get to the NFL playing the sport, but I got there another way,” he said.

Last pre-season, Abercrombie was a Tennessee Titans coaching intern. This year, he is working with the Atlanta Falcons strength and conditioning department. 

His former high shool teammate, Falcons cornerback AJ Terrell, is amazed by his story.

“God took you away from playing the game, but didn’t take you from the game,” Terrell said.

Abercrombie isn’t done. He said he wants a full-time job on an NFL coaching staff. The staff that hires him will be hiring a tireless worker, he said.

Abercrombie’s internship ends at the end of the preseason, when he’ll return to his job as an elementary school physical education teacher. 

His foundation helps athletes recovering from brain injuries, like the one he overcame. 

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