Watch: NFL Legend Tony Dungy defies media haters, addresses March for Life about the power of prayer

Yesterday marked the first March for Life since the Supreme Court ruled on the right side of history and overturned Roe v Wade. You might have noticed a leftist meltdown or five on the matter. One “controversial” speaker at this year’s march was NFL legend and NFL Sports analyst Tony Dungy.

I use sarcastic finger quotes around the word “controversial” because the only controversy is Dungy having an opinion contrary to every other leftist media member. They’ve been lashing out about it. Dungy spoke at the rally anyway with a “bless their hearts” for his haters. That’s a proper, Christian way to say “cry about deez nuts, losers.”

Bless their hearts was what he was thinking. With his words, he talked about the power of prayer.

Those that advocate for a “right to choose” lose their minds when people choose life.

There is only ONE choice when it comes to Pro-Choice. 💀

Tony Dungy understands this. He stands on his biblical principles and advocates for all life. 🙏
— Sideline the Agenda (@SidelineAgenda) January 21, 2023

A young man by the name of Damar Hamlin of the Buffalo Bills made a routine tackle and his heart stopped beating right on the field. It could have been tragic, but something miraculous happened. The team medical staff rushed out and got Damar’s heart started again. But you know what? That wasn’t the miracle. The real miracle was the reaction of everyone to that. The announcers on the broadcast, what did they say? ‘All we can do is pray. All across the country, people started praying.

Hamlin is out of the hospital. Where he will hopefully be front and center at this Sunday’s Bills vs Bengals game and do nothing but stare at Tee Higgins to make him uncomfortable. Go Bills!

Making a big deal about openly praying over this one football player ties into the outrage over Dungy speaking at the march, or that one hockey player who didn’t want to wear a shirt. Woke media, which is most media, freaks out over anyone who has the slightest opposing viewpoint than them. It’s worse in sports media, where reporters are barely interested in sports as much as they are in promoting their progressive worldview.

That’s why it stands out when one sole ESPN personality leads an on-air prayer. Or the greatest quarterback currently playing the game does. So few have the courage to say the word prayer in fear the left is going to lash out them being homophobes who hate women, puppies, and ice cream.

These rare moments stand out because they are rare. They’re still cultural wins. We need to amplify those who have the courage to speak out, take the wins where we get them, and build on them.

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