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Peek at post-Tom Brady era.

A lot of Bucs fans are bracing for the future. The future does not have Tom Brady at quarterback.

Throw in the uncertainty of Shaq Barrett trying to bounce back from an Achilles tear and just maybe, the possibility the Bucs won’t have Lavonte David either (he’s in a contract year), and the near future could be very bleak for the Bucs.

That’s not even factoring in the Bucs may turn to a third-string quarterback looking for his first snap, a guy who has dressed for a game once since he was drafted in 2021. That’s quarterback Kyle Trask.

If the Bucs don’t have a top-10 pick in April, they look like a pretty safe bet to have one in 2024, barring major roster additions (Derek Carr? Lamar Jackson? Kirk Cousins?).

In a virtual sitdown with local sports personality Ian Beckles on his podcast “In the Trenches,” Bucs legend Warren Sapp said the transition already has begun, even with Brady.

Ian Beckles: We have been blessed the past two or three years when Tom came back and we’re watching good football. We are going through a change now, there is no doubt in my mind. This Buccaneer team is about to go through a metamorphosis and not a good one. What do you see this team next year?

Warren Sapp: What are you talking about “going to?” It’s right in front of us. It’s right in front of us. And I’ve been telling you, these big ol’ fat 360-pound defensive tackles … We’ve got [Akiem] Hicks. What? Who? Have you seen him?

Beckles: I don’t even know his number.

Sapp: He’s No. 96.

Beckles: Well, thank you, I appreciate that. You know, the second they got rid of Ndamukong Suh, I’m like, ‘OK, you get rid of attitude, you get rid of plays, presence and the whole nine yards.” And you bring in a kid who plays up and down when he’s healthy but he’s doing what he has always done.

Is the “kid” to whom Beckles is referring Vita Vea? Beckles never said. Perhaps it was Hicks.

Joe would love to see Vea take more snaps. Joe’s educated guess is he’s on a pitch count because after too many plays and he gets worn down and ineffective.

There were two critical drives against the Crows last week in the second half when Vea wasn’t on the field. Who knows how that game turns out if he was on the field?

To Vea’s credit, he has 4.5 sacks through eight games. That’s damn good. If he keeps that pace, he could flirt with 10 sacks, which is exceptional for a nose tackle in a 34 defense.

But yeah, the Bucs are 3-5. It’s not an outrageous thought the Bucs could be 3-7 when they return from Munich. Currently, the Bucs are in line to have a top-10 draft position for 2023.

And all of that is with a healthy Brady. If Trask starts, you could be looking at a throwback season to the halcyon Mike Glennon era.

Hell no, Joe doesn’t hate Kyle Trask. What’s he done to Joe or anyone to “hate?” He hasn’t played.

Joe is struggling to recall third-string quarterbacks with zero experience taking over a team and doing anything. The only third-string quarterbacks in recent decades who amounted to anything that Joe can recall are Kurt Warner, Tony Romo and Shaun King, one of four quarterbacks to lead the Bucs to the NFC Championship game. Of course, Tom Brady was fourth-string as a rookie and worked his way up the depth chart to No. 2.

The only other impact third-string quarterback Joe can think of is Kenny Stabler, who was behind Daryle Lamonica and George Blanda with the Raiders. That’s ancient history, man.

(Mike Tomczak with the Bears? Jim Miller with the Steelers? Whiskey Wade Wilson with the Vikings? Steve Bono with the 49ers? Jeff Rutledge with the Giants? Taysom Hill? You see where Joe is coming from, right?)

It would be awesome if Trask is the next King. Joe’s not banking on it, though.

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