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“Thank you, Warren!”

Bucs legend Warren Sapp hopped on a podcast this week. And whenever Sapp is unfiltered, it’s a must-listen.

So Sapp appeared on something called the “LevyCast” hosted by Dan Levy. Best Joe can tell, this Levy is a Chicago-based personality who once upon a time was a Bears reporter. Curiously, maybe half the podcast centered around Levy asking Sapp questions about the Bears.

Levy got Sapp to talk about his Raiders days but the team where Sapp made his bones, the Bucs? Nah. Still, Sapp opened up on how former Bucs Super Bowl-winning coach Chucky has been outed (allegedly) and blacklisted by the NFL.

Levy mentioned how Chucky had lost the locker room in Las Vegas over his unearthed sordid emails and immediately Sapp defended Chucky.

“Who said he lost the locker room?” Sapp asked. “He didn’t lose that locker room. No way.

“I will tell you one thing: I won’t defend the gay comments and I won’t try to. He is not a racist. … No! Not racist at all. Not racist at all!”

Then Sapp mentioned how Chucky is in a legal battle with the NFL over the planted emails and folks sooner or later will learn about other emails, and maybe a whole lot more dirty laundry from others around the league. And Sapp smells a rat.

“How the hell does five emails out of 600,000 — we saw, what, five emails from Gruden and one from Adam Schefter? — I need to see the other emails,” Sapp said. “I think we’ve got a couple more surprises coming and it won’t to be coming from the Gruden side.”

Sapp repeated in no uncertain terms if he thought Chucky was a racist, then he wouldn’t have anything to do with him.

“I’m going to stand with my guy,” Sapp said of Chucky. “He’s not a racist. … I wouldn’t walk into a racist’s office. I wouldn’t eat at a racist’s house. I wouldn’t hang out with a racist and play golf with. I wouldn’t drink with him.

“You know what I am saying?”

Joe thinks it’s awfully big of Sapp to defend his old coach. Few people know Chucky better than Sapp. Remember, Sapp played for the man, won a ring with him. And Sapp visited Chucky with the Raiders multiple times. Who knows Chucky better than Sapp?

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