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Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy.

Given what transpired last year, Joe cannot imagine Dallas doing this.

In a preview of tomorrow night’s Bucs-Cowboys — tomorrow night! — Conor Orr of thinks the Cowboys will try to go old school 1970s on the Bucs and use a two-running back set.

There will naturally be a focus on Tom Brady, but I’m watching the Cowboys’ offense to see how it spreads the wealth throughout its backfield. I have been waiting for the true promise of a two-back backfield to emerge in the NFL, with the Cowboys and Jaguars best suited to show us something special this year. Tony Pollard is a talented player who has been underutilized in the waning years of Ezekiel Elliott’s prime years as a running back. There is such an incredible buffet of presnap motion options and formational looks available to the Cowboys based on their personnel. Will they take advantage of it?

Joe’s jumping in the time machine and dialing it back a year. The Cowboys, who had both backs on their roster last year, were so scared of the vaunted Bucs rush defense, Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott handed the ball off to his running backs a grand total of 14 times when both teams opened the season on Thursday Night Football in The Licht House.

Meanwhile, Prescott put the ball in the air 58 times for 403 yards and three touchdowns in a 31-29 Bucs win.

Why would the Cowboys want to so drastically change something that worked for them?

Then again, we are talking about Mike McCarthy here. As “The Pope” Mike Francesa said on SiriusXM Radio yesterday about McCarthy, “I watch his games and there are things I see that I just don’t understand.”

Joe with you, Mike.

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