Troy Aikman puts the dress on, apologizes for slight criticism of wussified NFL ‘safety’ rules

Troy Aikman offered a soft, milquetoast criticism of how ridiculous NFL referees are getting with roughing-the-passer calls. Bloggers and random idiots on Twitter were outraged by it. So, of course, Aikman was forced to apologize.

Here’s the offending incident in question. Aikman said the referees need to “take the dresses off” and let the players play football. The implication is that the people who support the more wussified NFL rules wear dresses: women and shook beta males.

Troy Aikman wants the NFL to “take the dresses off” and fix roughing the passer penalty
— Gifdsports (@gifdsports) October 11, 2022

There’s a lonely feminist somewhere who just broke every one of her cat’s milk dishes.
— Randon Webb (@RandoWebb) October 11, 2022

During NFL Week 5, there were three such insane calls. Critics feel they were a direct result and overreaction of Miami Dolphins QB Tua Tagovailoa getting knocked stupid a few weeks ago, and both bloggers and random idiots on Twitter criticizing the NFL over that.

Aikman said the referees should take the dresses off. Instead, he put the dress on during an appearance on WOKV-TV (which looks awfully close to WOKE-TV) and offered this apology:

My comments were dumb, just shouldn’t have made them. Just dumb remarks on my part.

We all know what happens from here. Aikman will now open next Monday’s “Monday Night Football” apologizing for his hurtful words. He might even say he’s going to take the time to “educate” himself. Because this is what we do. Any time five random people have the same dumb opinion on the least popular, least used social media platform, everyone rushes to get their apologies in. Though, only if it’s something the left is offended by.

This is why I watch RedZone. Scott Hanson doesn’t care about your social media outrage. He’s too busy giving you seven hours of commercial-free football.

Aikman will be forced into giving an on-camera apology. The referees will continue to cry foul if someone bumps into the quarterback without buying him dinner or getting his affirmative consent first.

The obvious exception is any calls that go against the Kansas City Chiefs roughing Josh Allen on Sunday. Those calls are all legit, and the Chiefs’ defense should be ashamed of themselves.

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