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Sin City not a priority.

So yesterday was the first time Bucs All-Pro right tackle Tristan Wirfs was made available to the local pen and mic club since he was named to his second Pro Bowl in as many years.

And it appears Wirfs will never get to play in a Pro Bowl game. It seems last year was the final Pro Bowl in the form of a real game. Wirfs didn’t play as he was recovering from a January ankle injury. But he did show up to Las Vegas and hung out at practices.

This year, the NFL has done away with hitting in the game (last year was an abomination). The NFL has replaced it with a skills competition and a flag football game.

Wirfs hopes he’s not there.

Joking yesterday that as part of the skills competition, offensive linemen will have a competitive eating contest, Wirfs explained why he doesn’t want to be in Vegas in early February.

“Hopefully I’m not there,” Wirfs said. “Hopefully we can get this ship in the right direction and be where we want to be, but a food [competition] would be nice.”

Joe once heard Wirfs say the motto for offensive linemen at Iowa was, “Work hard. Eat hard.” So maybe Wirfs would be a front-runner in shoveling Vegas buffet grub down his gullet?

Man, that would be one of the greatest NFL stories: A team with a losing record (?) running the table and winning the Super Bowl? How wild would that be?

Hey, with Tom Brady anything is possible, so long as his coach doesn’t take the ball out of his hands and let the clock run out with two timeouts in his back pocket.

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