Tom Brady Sparks Backlash After Comment Comparing NFL Season To Military Deployment

Controversial NFL star Tom Brady is under fire after comparing his season playing football for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to being deployed by the military.

Brady, who is currently the highest paid player in the NFL and is set to make $75 million this year, made the comments during a recent appearance on the podcast “Let’s Go.”

While seeming to complain about his job as a football player, Brady told host Jim Gray each new season feels like a military deployment.

\u201cTom Brady says he’s finding it nearly impossible to focus on his personal life half of the year … explaining he feels like NFL seasons are similar to “going away on deployment for the military.”\u201d

— TMZ (@TMZ)

Citing the difficulty of having to leave his family each season, Brady said:

“I almost look at football season like I’m going away on deployment for the military.”

“And it’s like: ‘Man, here I go again.’”

“And, there’s only one way to do it, and I think Jim ― we’ve talked from time to time just about ― how do you enjoy certain moments of it?”

Ah yes, having to play football for millions of dollars is very much like being sent to a warzone to possibly die for $35,000 per year.

Aside from tone deaf, it’s also a rather strange sentiment since Brady came out of retirement to play for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, a job he seems to dislike so much he considers it on par with being sent to war.

The comments come on the heels of several incidents giving the impression Brady hates his job. Amid a poor season so far for the Buccs, Brady was heard throwing a profanity-laden tantrum at his teammates following a loss this week.

\u201cTom Brady with some words to his offensive line.\u201d

— FOX Sports: NFL (@FOX Sports: NFL)

And last month he was seen hurling a tablet at the ground after another bad game.

\u201cTom Brady throws his tablet in frustration.\u201d

— TSN (@TSN)

Brady’s newest gaffe won him few fans on Twitter, many of whom found his comments offensive.

\u201cTampa…a long long way from Afghanistan \n\nTom Brady Compares Leaving For Football To Military Deployment\u201d

— Stephanie Ruhle (@Stephanie Ruhle)

\u201cTom Brady comparing football season to a military deployment is like an actor claiming they know how to be a cop because they played one on TV.\u201d

— Michael Little (@Michael Little)

\u201cTom Brady comparing football season to going on a military deployment. Lol Lets get together sometime and exchange deployment stories @TomBrady\u201d

— Caleb (@Caleb)

\u201cTom Brady thinks playing football is like going on military deployment.\n\nWe both wear a uniform, and our marriages/relationships can be strained, but the similarities end there.\n\nHe plays a game to entertain people. We risk our lives to defend this country.\u201d

— Jax Persists (@Jax Persists)

\u201cAww, @tombrady, you poor thing, I sure hope you can overcome such a traumatic experience.\u201d

— L’Heureux (@L’Heureux)

\u201cTom Brady has done nothing but whine and fuss about football since losing to the Steelers. Even comparing football season to military deployment. Seriously dude, RETIRE!!!!!\u201d

— lisa \ud83d\udda4\ud83d\udc9b\u270c\ud83c\udffb\ud83d\ude07 (@lisa \ud83d\udda4\ud83d\udc9b\u270c\ud83c\udffb\ud83d\ude07)

\u201cTom Brady is a mega douchebag. If he misses his kids so much, he can really retire instead of fake retire\u2026\n\n\u201cIt\u2019s so hard to leave my kids and get paid $228,863/day to play football, it\u2019s just just like going to war.\u201d\u201d

— SarahCA (@SarahCA)

\u201cAs someone who has been in the middle east for deployment, an NFL season does not compare. \n\nBrady doesn\u2019t have to worry about his base falling under attack and his life on the line every day. \n\nHe has lost his damn mind.\u201d

— Eric Robinson (@Eric Robinson)

\u201cPlaying in the NFL was my own personal Vietnam. \n~ @TomBrady\u201d

— Sgt Joker (@Sgt Joker)

\u201cTom Brady and deployed soldiers are both coming home to their wives being gone. Show some respect to both, please.\u201d

— Duffel Blog (@Duffel Blog)

Brady and his wife model Gisele Bundchen are also rumored to be divorcing. Bundchen has previously expressed dismay at Brady’s decision to renege on his retirement earlier this year.

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