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Taken to task by news network talking head.

Joe has often typed that you know you have an international superstar celebrity quarterback when he regularly regular appears on the nightly entertainment shows, when Instagram models from Europe by way of South Beach pant for his attention by wearing his jersey (and little else) at Bucs games, and when foreign newspapers plaster his likeness on the front page of their sports sections, pushing sacred kickball coverage to Page 3.

(Newspapers? You remember those environmental-unfriendly, 20th-century things, don’t you?)

Well, here’s another example. Tom Brady made one of those Sunday morning news network shows yesterday. No, really.

On shows that often focus on Washington-insider politics, Brady made an appearance of sorts.

Former Washington Post columnist and CNN media watchdog Howard Kurtz has been hosting a show on FOX News where he shines a spotlight on media coverage and news. There, Kurtz brought up Brady and how Brady (rehearsed? staged) a responded to Jim Gray two weeks ago. Brady snapped (?) at Gray for asking Brady for insight into his future.

Brady used a four-letter word that rhymes with “puck” twice. This rubbed Kurtz the wrong way and he wagged a finger at Brady for what Kurtz thought was an unprofessional display by Mr. Seven Rings.

“Look, I get that Brady, who retired and then soon unretired after last season, hasn’t made up his mind,” Kurtz began. “But he had no right to go off on Jim Gray who asked the question in his genuine manner.

“And if Gray hadn’t asked the question, he would have been ducking his responsibility.”

Joe cannot disagree with Kurtz here but it’s common for Brady to use foul language on the weekly podcast, which is co-hosted by Gray.

And let’s be real, Brady and his sponsors did not hire Gray to be Mike Wallace or Sam Donaldson or even Norah O’Donnell. Gray’s task two steps above stooge.

Gray is downright maudlin on that podcast to the point Joe struggles to listen without walking into a bathroom and puking all over the toilet.

If Brady’s podcast was a news magazine format, then yeah, Kurtz would be right on. Instead, that show has all the hard-hitting journalism of “Entertainment Tonight.”

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