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So Tom Brady Watch is on. Will he play or will he retire? Will he play for the Bucs or will he bolt to Miami?

(No, Joe doesn’t believe the chatter coming out of South Florida that the Dolphins are all in on Tua; not if they can land Brady. The amount of revenue that comes with Brady makes Tua incredibly expendable, especially since he’s injury-prone and entering the final year of his contract.)

To hear NFL insider Tom Pelissero of NFL Network, Brady seems to be leaning toward playing again and that Brady may make a decision soon.

And Pelissero never mentioned the Bucs have been crossed off Brady’s list during an appearance yesterday on the “Rich Eisen Show.”

“People close to Brady for the last two months have said all his options are on the table,” Pelissero said. “He is showing that he seems more open to coming back and playing another year than he did certainly a year ago at this time when he retired and unretired.

“Tom Brady knows if he comes back, he’s only coming back for one thing, which is to try to win another championship. And you can’t do that if you decide in June or July to come back and the rosters are already set and you have no flexibility to build the team the way you want it.”

Can the Bucs convince Brady he has an easier road to a Super Bowl with the Bucs than he would with Miami? With Brady, Joe thinks the Dolphins are legit Super Bowl contenders.

Still, playing in the AFC, a team would have to go through a gauntlet of quarterbacks like Pat Mahomes, Josh Allen, Joe Burrow, Justin Herbert and Trevor Lawrence. Have fun with that.

In the NFC, what quarterback scares you? Maybe a healthy Jalen Hurts? Aaron Rodgers is a well-documented choke artist. Matt Stafford is a cripple. Dak Prescott? Meh. Brock Purdy sure looks formidable, but of course, small sample size.

Perhaps Brady’s shot at playing in another Super Bowl is to stay with the Bucs with a rebooted offense where a division crown and a home playoff game is easily within reach.

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