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Gets real about Bucs’ play.

This is as harsh as Tom Brady gets about his teammates.

(Before Joe gets rolling on this here post, can Joe ask creepy Bob Kraft a simple question? Mr. Kraft, it’s hard to believe you don’t have the common sense not to get married during the football season. So why did you do that and lure your favorite quarterback away from a day of meetings and walk-throughs?)

Brady was peppered with questions after the game about what went wrong today in a shocking loss to a decimated Steelers squad in Pittsburgh. Brady’s response was about as critical as you will ever hear.

“I think, you know, we didn’t earn it,” Brady said of gagging away a game in Pittsburgh with a dumbarse gameplan and virtually no adjustments.

“We didn’t earn the win. Its a game of earning it. And it’s a game of playing well and performing well. And we’re just not doing a good job of that.

“I don’t think we have done that for six weeks. I think we are all playing less than what we are capable of. We’ve all got to look at ourselves in the mirror and figure out why.”

Yeah, Brady didn’t have his best game but he wasn’t the reason the Bucs lost. Devin White made a truly head-up-his-rear-end play with a late hit on Kenny Pickett that otherwise would have seen a Steelers punt but instead saw that drive end in a Pittsburgh touchdown.

You could argue that play cost the Bucs a win today and Joe won’t argue with you. Picket also ran right past White as if White was Kwon Alexander.

There were others. A Russell Gage drop in the end zone, of course.

Joe hopes Brady’s scolding also included Bucs offensive coordinator Byron Lefttwich’s hare-brained gameplan.

Joe just wishes Brady, sometime in the second quarter, would have told Leftwich to shove his run-play Waffle House menu while Brady started winging the ball around the yard on a bunch of backups pretending to be the Steelers’ secondary.

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