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Needed to override his OC.

At one point early in the fourth quarter on yet another first down run, Joe asked on Twitter, “Isn’t it time for Todd Bowles to get on his headset and order Byron Leftwich to quit running the ball on first down?” It was a legitimate question.

Surely Bowles saw what everyone in the stadium formerly known as Heinz Field saw, and what the television audience throughout Florida, western Pennsylvania and international audiences saw. The Bucs were getting nowhere on the ground, especially on first down.

Yet there was Byron Leftwich calling for Playoff Lenny left and Playoff Lenny up the middle.


Another question: Why this fetish for running Playoff Lenny left when the strength of your offensive line is on the right side?

Why not run your best back behind your best offensive linemen? Most coaches would kill to be able to run a back behind Shaq Mason and Tristan Wirfs.

Most coaches aren’t Leftwich.

Joe is starting to believe Leftwich can’t recognize mismatches. Joe is absolutely incredulous — about to jump through the press box window at Agriculture (?) Stadium — seeing how the Steelers were left with a glorified USFL secondary due to injuries and Leftwich kept pounding the ball.

Joe has no words for this!

So let Joe get this straight: No T.J. Watt, maybe the best pass rusher in football, no corners other than scrubs, no Minkah Fitzpatrick, perhaps the best safety in football, and you want to run the friggin’ ball? Madness!

Leftwich’s robotic answer to just about every question in his weekly waste of time press conferences are that we “do what we do” to win the game. Joe would argue Leftwich’s “do what we do” today was more likely to throw the game.

Could you imagine what Bill Belicheat with Brady and receivers like Mike Evans and Chris Godwin would have done? He may have had Brady throw 60 times because the mismatches was so one-sided.

Evans was targeted four times — FOUR! — with the Steelers playing a bunch of Pierre Desirs in the secondary. And Evans was only thrown at four times? Mind-boggling. Absolutely mind-boggling.

The Bucs — namely their offensive coordinator — gave this game away today, folks. Simply gave this game away.

Oh yes, we will hear Leftwich say on Thursday “we do what we do” to try to win.

Sure as hell could have conned Joe today you were trying to win, Mr. Leftwich.

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