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I can see no way the Chiefs do not play their starters vs Raiders in week 18

Earlier today I was thinking about our old male Ole English Sheperd we shared with a family that lived about two miles down the road from us back in Northern California back in the 80’s. The family was the Rossovich’s. I forgot all about all the films Rick was in back then. Both he and I went to the same high school, just 10 years apart. Any time he came back to the family property he would not let anyone know he was coming except his family. His brother Tim was famous as well as he played in the NFL and was and actor too. Two of the biggest roles Rick played were as Slider in Top Gun and as Chris in Roxanne. He was also in the movie Navy Seals, but I can’t remember who he played in that one.

I kind of miss those days. It was always funny when Rick was visiting, and he would show up at the local swimming hole. Everyone would treat him just like any other person there.

that is no way tp treat a QB 🙂

This looks like a classic home team W.

I think for our guys also. Not happy with’em, but they’ll win.

our team is 11-3 ultimately. How you cannot be happy with that is beyond my comprehension

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Is it really that difficult? I want a SB W and they’re not ready for the playoffs. That’s why.

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I wanted a bike for xmas and I only got a train set and a basketball. I was pissed

I lean Jags, Jets gave an outstanding D though

I saw down the thread where was talk of Mahomes gifting his lineman golf clubs. Mahomes is awesome. Josh Allen and Zach Wilson both bought their lineman Scooters….. Percy Snow said what a great Idea Josh and Zach

maybe Mahomes wants some of them to retire and play golf?

Or not wreck on a scooter and pretty much ruin their career like Percy 🛵🤕 LOL

sounds like youtube having sunday ticket might be a cheap option for watching games next year….

Players with four or more seasons of 35+ passing TDs: Tom Brady – 6, Aaron Rodgers – 6, Peyton Manning – 4, Drew Brees – 4, and… Patrick Mahomes – 4️⃣.

Chiefs DT Chris Jones is appreciative on being named to his fourth-straight Pro Bowl, but adds:

“I don’t play for Pro Bowls, man. I play for Super Bowls.”

Ten years ago Dec. 31, Andy Reid was out as Eagles coach after 14 years. Asked him about that time: “When we parted ways there, I felt it was good for the Eagles organization, and I felt it had a chance to be good for me whatever direction it was going to go. …

Andy “I was thinking about celebrating the victory with my wife, wink wink, nudge, nudge!”

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Chiefs coach Andy Reid said he feels “pretty good” about TE Blake Bell (hip) making his return from IR to face the Seahawks. Reid, though, didn’t sound optimistic on WR Mecole Hardman (abdomen). “I’m not sure he’s where he need to be,” Reid said.

Dominion Voting Machines … THAT’S who I hope wins

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pillows or prison bars from repurposed *counting* machines, Mike need to pick a lane…

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