‘This sport is crazy’: Former NFL running back Reggie Bush loses it over ‘nuts’ NRL highlights video

Reggie Bush knows a thing or two about running hard.

He ran for 5,490 yards in his career as an NFL running back, tasting Super Bowl success with the New Orleans Saints in 2010.

Even still, that seemingly does not compare to what NRL and NRLW players put themselves through every week they take to the field.

It may be the rugby league off-season but there is little doubting the game has grown in popularity after a tweet from Bush on Friday.

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In it, the former running back reacted to a video of league players taking ferocious hit-ups, writing: “Now this sport is crazy! Lol! Running like that with no helmet is nuts”.
“U would’ve loved playing our game,” former NRL forward Steve Price replied.

Bush, who went to a State of Origin game in 2014, wrote: “It was a blood bath someone getting carted off the field every 5 minutes”.

Bush attended his first rugby league game in Australia in 2014, when he watched Trent Hodkinson score a match-winning try for New South Wales in a 6-4 win over Queensland.

Speaking at halftime of that game, Bush said he could “feel the intensity” from the stands and that watching the action in person was a completely different experience to what he expected.

“It’s very exciting,” Bush said.

“It’s my first game here. Obviously a lot of hard hits, a very physical game. It’s just exciting to watch. It was very intense. You can see and feel the intensity in the stadium.

“Fans are getting a little restless because they want to see a few more scores but so far it’s been a defensive game. I know enough about rugby league to know how physical it is… but to see it in person is different to watching it on TV. It hurts to watch.”

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