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Unfair to rip defense?

Somebody at One Buc Palace must have hacked off NFL Network analyst Brian Baldinger.

Joe doesn’t profess to know Baldinger well. The former Colts offensive lineman has made a nice living as a football analyst for FOX and for NFL Network.

Joe has met Baldinger four or five times. Comes off as a really, really cool dude and he does his homework. Joe always enjoys Baldinger’s takes.

Baldinger does great film breakdowns on Twitter, almost always highlighting where players are doing well.

Not the past two or three weeks.

Baldinger has been killing the Bucs defense. Baldinger claims Bucs defenders are almost always out of position, seem often confused on where to line up at the snap, have sloppy sets where they leave holes wide open, and he is generally disgusted by their play.

(In the video below, there’s yet another example of Devin White trying to tackle high, with a predictable missed tackle.)

Hey, Joe’s right there with Baldinger when it comes to tackling. But Joe doesn’t know what has gotten into Baldinger when it comes to the Bucs defense. He’s been really teeing off on them.

Now Joe is not going to sit here and claim the Bucs defense is anything like the 2002 Bucs defense, no way. No, it’s not as good as 2020 either. But it’s not like the Bucs are getting clobbered because of the defense.

Look, the Bucs defense gave up 20 points against Pittsburgh and 21 against Carolina. That’s not awful. And 20 and 21 points should not be insurmountable point totals to overcome when you look at how badly the Steelers and Stinking Panthers are playing.

And when you have Tom Brady, Mike Evans and Chris Godwin all healthy on offense, scoring 21 points against bad teams should be a given.

Joe’s keeping eyes on the ball. Yeah, the defense could play better. But it is the offense, or lack thereof, which is killing the Bucs.

.@Buccaneers used to play great sound defense! They used to. What happened? They are so unsound . Nobody should want this on their resume’ @Keep_Pounding earned this win #BaldysBreakdowns pic.twitter.com/SH2QceYoTa

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