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Cool insight here into Tom Brady’s quick release.

His “Time To Throw” metric tracked by the NFL (snap to release) was the fastest among starting quarterbacks this season at 2.45 seconds.

Eleven quarterbacks were within a quarter-second of Brady, aka 2.7 seconds or less.

Former NFL offensive lineman and Brady teammate Ross Tucker, one of the busiest men in NFL media, jumped on CBS Sports Radio this week and talked about Brady’s greatness. He went to the minutia versus the wins and stats.

Tucker detailed how obsessed Brady was with the center-quarterback exchange years ago with the Belicheats, something his former Bucs teammates would verify.

Per Tucker, the perfect snap of the ball meant more time to see the field, focus and release.

“In his crazy mind, the perfect snaps gave him like a fraction more time to look at the defense, a millisecond more to step back from center, even a little more time to get rid of the ball,” Tucker said of Brady.

Watching Brady’s extreme attention to detail when he already was a three-time Super Bowl winner was the greatest lesson Tucker learned from him, he said.

A Princeton graduate, Tucker said he takes Brady stories like that on the lecture circuit.

“He never looked at anything in life like, ‘I got this,” Tucker explained.

“He didn’t want anybody taking any of his reps, whereas most guys are like, ‘Go ahead.’ They don’t want the reps. Brady relished any opportunity to do something a little bit better, to show he could do it a little bit better. He wanted that. Like he was obsessed with that. So I learned a lot about that in terms of how to live your life, because so often there’s aspects of our lives that we don’t really put much stock into because we’ve done it for so long. He just doesn’t look at it that way.”

From a Bucs perspective, Joe hopes the Brady snap obsession and the detail he demanded will linger into next season with centers Robert Hainsey, Ryan Jensen and Nick Leverett. Any advantage for the next Bucs QB is a beautiful thing.

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