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“Punk, you’re lucky the Bucs dumped me.”

Go south, not so young man.

That’s what NBC NFL analyst and owner of the PFF tribe told Aaron Rodgers yesterday, by way of social media and cable TV.

Cris Collinsworth dropped in on Kay Adams and her FanDuelTV show “Up and Adams and the discussion turned to where drama queen quarterback Aaron Rodgers will play this fall.

Rodgers stepped out of his darkened, self-imposed solitary confinement recently, sort of like Alec Guinness crawled out of his sweatbox in “Bridge Over the River Kwai.” And still, the public does not know Rodgers’ plans. He has reportedly been talking with the Jets.

Collinsworth said Rodgers should emulate Tom Brady. The main reason Brady came to the Bucs is he thought he could win a Super Bowl in Tampa, which he did. Collinsworth said there is really only one reason for Rodgers to keep playing and that’s a second ring.

Only in the NFC South would Rodgers have a nearly uncontested layup in winning the division, Collinsworth said, which could springboard him to the Super Bowl.

Multiple times Collinsworth referenced how Rodgers should follow Brady’s path, without mentioning the Bucs. Zach Dean of Outkick has his take on Collinsworth’s advice for Rodgers.

As of today, the Saints are far and away the best team in the NFC South thanks to the addition of Derek Carr. Everyone else STINKS.

The Bucs say they’re rolling with Kyle Trask, which is laugh-out-loud funny and I’m a Gators fan. The Panthers are currently led by Sam Darnold. The Falcons were maybe the worst offense in the history of time last year.

No one in the NFC South has weapons to throw to like the Bucs. And Dave Canales’ offense might fit Rodgers because Canales wants to get quarterbacks outside the tackles periodically. Rodgers, though 39 years old, is still mobile.

Collinsworth also noted he believes if an NFC South team wanted Rodgers, the Packers would/could eat a chunk of his salary, if they are compensated in draft capital. This would help Rodgers fit in under a salary cap.

This all sounds like fantasy football kind of stuff to Joe. Here is why, barring no other option, Joe would rather see Rodgers go anywhere but Tampa:

Rodgers’ record at warm weather games is awful for a guy who will enter the Pro Football Hall of Fame five years after he retires. And last Joe checked, climate change hasn’t been radical enough that citizens of west-central Florida are scraping ice off their windshields in early October like the good people of Wisconsin.

“The only thing I would talk to him about if I were his agent… where are you going to win a Super Bowl?”@CollinsworthPFF on Aaron Rodgers’ next potential landing spot
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