Thankfully the NY Giants went with Brian Daboll and not Nathaniel Hackett

Just what in the heck was Nathaniel Hackett thinking? In case you went to bed early on Monday night, you missed the first-year Denver Broncos head coach making inarguably the worst decision of the NFL season thus far. Hackett, with a franchise quarterback in Russell Wilson, decided to kick a field goal from 64 yards out instead of having Russ make a play on 4th and 5.

The clock management on that final drive was a disaster and the Seattle fans at Lumen Field exploded when the kick sailed wide of the uprights.

Hackett is getting destroyed on Twitter. For people over in East Rutherford, there’s a different feel on Tuesday after the NY Giants stunned the Titans. Brian Daboll was a rock star in that one and the same cannot be said about Hackett’s showing.

I truly believe we just witnessed the worst head-coaching debut in NFL history.

I have no idea what kind of coach Nathaniel Hackett will turn out to be but he got literally everything wrong today and I have lost basically any shred of faith I had in the Broncos in one game.

— Sam Quinn (@SamQuinnCBS) September 13, 2022

Denver Broncos coach Nathaniel Hackett is getting destroyed for his awful MNF decisions

Seriously, what was he thinking? Your team just broke the bank to pay Wilson his monster extension and also traded multiple first-round picks to land him. Put the ball in his (expletive) hands and let him work. Hackett decided against that, which is disgraceful.

Now, Broncos fans are calling for Hackett to be fired already. The same can’t be said about the feeling of the NY supporters for their new head man. Daboll has been a local legend ever since he made his way to town and things only got better thanks to a heart-stopping Week 1 win over the Titans. That was just what this team needed.

With Daniel Jones tossing a late touchdown to cut the deficit to 20-19, Daboll didn’t hesitate and went for two and the win. Jones delivered a shovel pass to Saquon Barkley and the Giants pulled off the upset. See the difference there? Daboll put the ball in the hands of his offensive playmakers and they stepped up for him. Hackett did the opposite.

The fact that he thought bringing out his kicker to try a boot from basically Tacoma is astonishing. Remember, Hackett was once linked as a possible replacement for Joe Judge. Instead, Daboll crushed his interviews with the Giants front office and Hackett did the same in Denver.

Thankfully, Hackett is nowhere near MetLife Stadium. Life is good for the Giants and Daboll is the king of the castle. That’s the way it’s supposed to be.

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