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Buccaneers co-owner Joel Glazer talks to Joe.


Collapsing for Caleb?

Stop talking about it. This isn’t Christmas of 2014.

The NFL Annual Meeting (the hangout formerly known as the NFL owners meetings) is the time for Joe to talk football and life with multiple members of Team Glazer. Always a worthwhile endeavor. And no, Joe isn’t offered a brown bag of cash or a signed Chris Conte jersey to write nice things.

Among the various on-the-record questions Joe threw out there was one about crafting the roster.

Team Glazer senses excitement among the masses. Some fans talk about “tanking,” as in not going all-in to win by clearing salary cap room and by moving on from players to acquire draft capital. The Bucs are transitioning from a championship run with Tom Brady but are now spending to the salary cap limit. Sort of going all-in again in a different way. Where do you stand on how this team has been built for 2023 and beyond?

Bucs co-owner Joel Glazer: Every year, it doesn’t matter what your situation is, you’re always bringing in new people on the roster and this year is no different. When you look at our roster, we still have a core group of young players who were part of a championship team and are going to lead us into the future. Yes, we’ve had some changes. Yes, at the most important position, there’s been a change, but for the most part we have a stable core group of players and we’ll be freshening up with some new young players as well. I’m looking forward to this season. When I talk to fans, there’s excitement because there’s a freshness as well heading into the upcoming season.

Glazer is correct. The Bucs have a sound and stable core of experienced young players. Many foundational pieces are in place and, hopefully, at least two more are added later this month.

Last year, every team in the NFC South was 7-10 or better, and three of those teams had second or third-rate quarterbacks. Joe doesn’t believe Glazer looks at this Bucs roster and thinks the Bucs shouldn’t do that well or better.

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