Tampa Bay Offensive Coordinator Byron Leftwich Talks All Things Bucs On “The Pivot” | Super Bowl-Or-Bust Season Has Tom Brady’s OC Under Pressure

The Pivot Podcast” training camp tour brought them to Tampa, Florida, home of the Super Bowl 55 champions. After stops in Pittsburgh, Las Vegas, Cincinnati, and even Detroit, hosts Ryan Clark, Fred Taylor and Channing Crowder embarked on a Florida trip to chop it up with Buccaneers offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich. 

During the interview Clark asked one of the NFL’s few Black offensive playcallers about the amount of talent on the Bucs roster, their team goal and the potential impact of future Hall of Fame wide receiver Julio Jones.

“Ultimately your big goal is to win right now,” Leftwich said. “Anytime you have the caliber of team that we have, the goal is to try to win it.”

Tune in now at watch this episode of @thepivot as we catch up with my former teammate and SUPERBOWL CHAMPION OC of the @Buccaneers

He shares his relationship with @TomBrady former coach Bruce Arians and more@Realrclark25@alicialauren@OfficialCrowderhttps://t.co/Z2ztN74VMb pic.twitter.com/XLWlUzlCqz

— Fred Taylor (@FredTaylorMade) August 26, 2022

Leftwich knows the Buccaneers have a loaded roster on both sides of the football, and with 45-year-old Tom Brady deciding to return for a 23rd season after briefly retiring, the time to win is now. Head coach Todd Bowles has already said that the offense was completely in the hands of Leftwich. Together, he and Brady must execute the offense to perfection each week. 

Leftwich Talked About How Brady Isn’t Like The Rest Dedication And Preparation-Wise

When you’ve played the game for 23 seasons at the highest level, there isn’t much you haven’t seen. That in itself makes Tom Brady different from the rest, and when you add in how he views the game and plays it from the neck up, he’s definitely in a league of his own. That’s what Leftwich admired about his QB, who’s three years his senior in age. 

Leftwich said Brady never gets bored and is always looking for ways to get better.

“Mistakes are not happening because I’m never guessing. I’m going off the progression. I’m doing this and this and this and this. He’s going to do this and this and this, and the open guy gets the ball. That’s the simplicity and the way he plays the game and the way he sees the game. Obviously, he’s intense. He’s intense. I’ve never seen somebody prepare like this, and I’m not even talking about it from a physical standpoint.”

Mental reps are often more important than physical reps. Brady knows that, and so does Leftwich.

The 🐐 @TomBrady was retired for a sec, but I knew @Buccaneers offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich was excited when heard Tom was coming back. Turns out he threw Buc’s nation’s 1st party! @thepivot https://t.co/QDacNkFUXI@FredTaylorMade @OfficialCrowder @alicialauren pic.twitter.com/ZlJzXwy67c

— Ryan Clark (@Realrclark25) August 28, 2022

Leftwich Credits Bruce Arians For His Belief In Him, Says “Bond Is Unbreakable”

Former Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians gave Leftwich a chance to grow as a playcaller and coach when he hired him in 2019. It was a perfect fit, as Arians said he would only take the job if Leftwich would call the plays. This strategy would give Leftwich another opportunity to cut his teeth as a playcaller after being fired from the Arizona Cardinals following the completion of the 2018 season.

That move has worked out seamlessly, as evinced by the team’s offensive success. It’s also given Leftwich a fairer chance to succeed, which he has done, and for that he credits Arians, saying their bond is “unbreakable.”

The tour continues… Shout out to B Left! @thepivot https://t.co/QDacNkGsNg https://t.co/yXkJlMJKsG

— Ryan Clark (@Realrclark25) August 26, 2022

Now Leftwich knows anything short of a Super Bowl will be considered a failure with all the talent the Bucs possess. It’s his job to lead a loaded and talented offense with at least three future Hall of Famers. But that task has gotten much more difficult with the injuries to the interior of the Buccaneers’ offensive line. Yes, the Bucs are talented, but getting to the promised land will be a dogfight for sure, one Leftwich is ready for.

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