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Logan Hall takes a break in Tennessee.

Last week, listeners of the Ira Kaufman Podcast heard Ira say those in the walls of One Buc Palace love the progression and power of rookie defensive lineman Logan Hall.

Now a new source is saying the same thing with authority and publicly.

That’s head coach Todd Bowles.

Joe asked Bowles today after practice in Tennessee about Hall’s progress. The report was strong.

“He’s learning the system. He does a good job. He’s still learning the run a little bit and some of the things we like to do technique-wise, but his pass rushing is outstanding,” Bowles said. “And we really like that in him, but we’re bringing him along slow.”

The adjective “outstanding” for Hall’s rush should make every Bucs fan pay attention. That’s a big word from Bowles after Hall being in pads only a dozen times or so and the high standard at One Buc Palace.

Joe hasn’t noticed Hall lining up outside as a rusher. Maybe once or twice. It’s all inside for now.

Bucs coaches are obviously seeing enough of a push in the practice film to be that enthusiastic. And Joe has heard praise of Hall for his moves and attitude.

As the first pick of Round 2 in the draft, the bar is high for Hall. But he’ll get there if he prove to be an effective rotational pass rusher this season.

Joe’s not worried about Hall developing against the run. He has the size and power and, as Gerald McCoy says, you can find a run stuffer at Walmart.

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