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Bucs senior offensive advisor Tom Moore.

It’s rather intriguing that the Bucs fired their offensive coordinator yesterday but the senior advisor to the offense, 84-year-old Tom Moore, survived the Grim Reaper.

That’s certainly a unique occurrence. And Joe doubts the Bucs are just waiting on a retirement announcement from Moore. He’s an all-in kind of coach still working long hours and sweating his ass off on the field without a golf cart.

For those unaware, Moore has an incredibly long and successful history in coaching after his run as a college quarterback at Iowa and a stint in the military.

So why is Moore still on staff after playcaller Byron Leftwich got booted?

That’s unclear. Joe was told years ago that Moore was the initial architect of the weekly offensive gameplan and then handed it over to Leftwich very early in a game week. Then Leftwich would rework it as the next step in the process before it would go to Tom Brady and then Bucco Bruce Arians would see it.

Joe suspects in addition to Moore being good at his job, he has a great relationship with Brady and would be viewed as an asset to whomever becomes the next Bucs offensive coordinator.

That coordinator would have no reason to worry about Moore taking his job, and he should have the ultimate respect for Moore’s resume that includes several Super Bowl rings.

Joe thinks it’s cool that a soon-to-be 85-year-old dude survived massive layoffs on his side of the ball.

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