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Video breakdown.

Alright, Joe is not and never will be the PFF tribe, perhaps the worst hocus pocus outfit in the western world when it comes to judging offensive lines.

Joe is not like them because Joe isn’t going to pretend he knows what’s fully going on with an offensive line. Other areas of football, you can get a good idea and feel with the naked eye what’s going on. Not so much an offensive line.

(Yeah, Joe played some offensive line too long ago. The only thing he really remembers, when in doubt, if you adhere to “in, on, linebacker” then you are generally going to be OK. NFL offensive lines in 2022? Joe’s not even going to try to guess because that is super complex.)

So Joe usually relies on guys that played the game in college or the NFL for offensive line analysis. (Brandon Thorn is an exception.)

Yesterday, NFL Network’s Brian Baldinger, a former offensive lineman with the Colts, put out some video on Twitter about the Bucs offensive line. It seems there was more to like than to not like. The video is below. At least, Baldinger’s breakdown let Joe relax a little bit.

One thing that Baldinger did not point out but Joe will: On the second play in the video, Ko Kieft, playing fullback, shoots through the one-hole and just totally wipes out a Dolphins linebacker on a run play. That got Joe jacked up.

Also, let this become a Bucs tradition: Joe thinks we all want to see, when he makes his appearances this fall at Big Storm Brewing, Ira Kaufman do “The Nick Leverett Skip” whenever the Bucs score a touchdown.

.@Buccaneers O-Line is the center of attention . They got solid work against a stout Dolphin DL. Some good ; but in need of work to create movement in run game. Solid night of assignment football #BaldysBreakdowns

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