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Wants a rebuild.

Bucs coach Todd Bowles said in his season-ending press conference that you never want to rebuild. A former Bucs quarterback believes Bowles needs to reassess.

Shaun King, one of only four quarterbacks to lead the Bucs to the NFC Championship game, said in a recent article typed by Kyle Odegard in that the Bucs have no shot at returning to the Super Bowl.

So in King’s mind, the Bucs need to wave goodbye to Brady and start shopping just about any player that can bring back draft picks.

“This group’s Super Bowl window, in my opinion, has closed,” King said. “I would start evaluating what pieces do we have where we can get the most back?

“I would start stripping this roster down of some of my higher-priced guys that I think still have value, and I would start my rebuild now.”

King said the rebuild begins with being real about Tom Brady. The Bucs should explain they believe his time is over.

“Let’s be honest, man,” King said. “Why does everybody beat around the bush? Tom Brady is the most accomplished quarterback at the professional level we’ve ever seen, and nobody in modern football is getting to 10 Super Bowls, and they’re definitely not winning seven.

“In spite of that, you still should be honest about what he is now. He’s a shell of himself. Especially when he’s encountered with pressure.

“It happens, man. You get old. You step off the sidewalk and you feel like you jumped off a ten-story building. It happens to everybody. It’s just a part of getting old. Yeah, in spurts he can still make some throws, and, yeah, every second or third game he can have a fourth quarter that makes you remember how great he was.

“But from start to finish, he’s not the same player. Age is undefeated. If you watch Tom Brady play, when he is under pressure and duress, he is completely out of whack. That’s just the reality of it.”

King, a native of St. Petersburg, said that at Brady’s age, in his mid-40s, he simply cannot handle pressure like he once did. That’s not hate, King added, that’s just being real.

“It’s not a criticism,” King said. “The truth doesn’t have emotions. It’s just the truth.”

Of course, the real reason to keep Brady is clear: Brady means money. Lots and lots and lots of money. And who do you think would be better, old man Brady or Kyle Trask?

Bowles is likely very much against a rebuild. He had a losing record with Brady, and the only coach Team Glazer hasn’t run after two straight losing seasons happened to be the first coach to win them a Super Bowl, Chucky.

So you figure Bowles, even though the Bucs won a garbage division, likely will begin 2023 on the hot seat. So that’s why he’s so against a rebuild.

Look, Joe has made it clear if the Bucs want to launch Operation Tank, Joe is fully behind that in order to #CollaspeForCaleb.

The trick with drafting Caleb Williams or Drake Maye next spring, Joe simply doesn’t trust Bowles to develop these guys. Already Bowles is 0-2 with quarterbacks drafted in the first or second round.

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