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Finally, an adjustment.

One thing Joe harps on so much about failing Bucs offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich is that he rarely adjusts.

How a coach adjusts, not from game to game, but from possession to possession or even play to play can make a world of difference. It can result in a win or a loss.

Hearing Bucs coach Todd Bowles speak earlier today, it seems Leftwich did make one adjustment late in the game that played a big part in the Bucs’ comeback to win in overtime last night.

Bowles was asked about the protection from the offensive line on the final drives. Bowles sort of shrugged his shoulders and said it was “decent.” But Bowles believed an adjustment (Leftwich?) made in the routes the receivers ran made more of a difference in keeping heat off Tom Brady.

“We were turning up, shortening some routes for [Brady] as well just to help out the protection,” Bowles said. “The guys were all on the same page and they fought.

“They knew that it was witching hour for us, and they had to come through with a play, and they did. They built up a drive that got us a field goal.”

Joe doesn’t know who exactly came up with that idea but surely Leftwich had to implement that move to make sure both the receivers and Brady were on the same page. So Joe will give Leftwich props here.

Does that make up for all of Leftwich’s mismanagement throughout the season? No. But it is a positive step.

Joe’s been tough on Leftwich since the Bucs lost to the Stinking Panthers earlier in October. He deserves every word of criticism for his hand in ruining this offense.

But Joe wants to be fair. Leftwich did a solid job adjusting last night. For a change.

Good job, Byron.

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