Pro Bowl voting surprise: NFL star gets left off roster despite winning fan vote, plus two teams get snubbed –

The NFL officially released the roster for the Pro Bowl on Thursday night, and one of the biggest surprises was that the player who received the most fan votes got left out. 

That player is Tua Tagovailoa, and even though he was the ONLY player in the NFL to receive more than 300,000 votes for the Pro Bowl, he didn’t end up cracking the roster of AFC quarterbacks, which includes Josh Allen, Joe Burrow and Patrick Mahomes. The fan vote only counts for one-third of the decision-making process, which means since Tua didn’t make it, it’s because coaches and players didn’t vote him in. 

The good news for Tua is that he is the first alternate for the Pro Bowl, which means if Allen, Burrow or Mahomes end up in the Super Bowl, Tua will get the first option to take their place, so there is a chance he could end up in the Pro Bowl anyway. Also, since he’s trying to get his team to the Super Bowl, he probably doesn’t care too much about the fact that he got snubbed.


There will be 88 players in Las Vegas for this year’s Pro Bowl. The AFC and NFC rosters were decided with input from fans, players and coaches, with each group counting one-third toward the vote. 

Here are a few nuggets about this year’s Pro Bowl rosters: 

If you want to see the full roster for each conference, then be sure to click here

The Pro Bowl is undergoing a major change this year. Instead of a standard NFL game, the rebranded Pro Bowl Games will be a week-long celebration that will include multiple events. In the week leading up to the game, players will participate in multiple skills competitions. The week in Las Vegas will conclude Feb. 5 with a flag football game between the AFC and NFC that will be coached by Peyton and Eli Manning

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