Picture of Randy Johnson Photographing NFL Game Goes Viral

The five-time Cy Young Award winner became a professional photographer after he retired from MLB in 2010.

A photo of MLB Hall of Famer Randy Johnson working the sidelines of an NFL game as a photographer, which was taken a few years ago, resurfaced on Wednesday.

The photo shows the five-time Cy Young Award winner in an NFL photography vest holding one of the heavy duty cameras. Since some people weren’t aware of Johnson’s second career after baseball, the photo went viral on social media after a tweet by Sophie Kleeman of Insider.

But, this career is nothing new for the MLB legend, who retired in 2010. He majored in photojournalism in college, and then put his passion in the backseat during his 22-year baseball career.

When he retired from baseball, Johnson started a photography company to highlight some of his best shots. Funny enough, his logo is of a dead bird, in reference to the time one of his pitches hit a bird during a game.

On his website, Johnson describes how he got back into photography.

“My career as a Major League baseball pitcher has been well documented, but what is not as well known is my passion for photography, which began when I studied photojournalism at the University of Southern California from 1983-85,” Johnson wrote. “Baseball became my occupation for two decades but my love of photography never left. Following my 2010 retirement, I was able to focus my attention back to this passion.”

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