NY Jets legend thinks Aaron Rodgers would be terrible fit

A newly minted NFL Hall of Famer and New York Jets legend is warning the franchise ahead of pursuing Aaron Rodgers.

Aaron Rodgers, the football player, is an exceptional talent. Outside of that, his persona is a complete 180, which rubs many the wrong way.

One of those folks is Joe Klecko, a star pass rusher of the New York Jets who was recently inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

With Gang Green reportedly pursuing Rodgers, the famed legend of the famous “New York Sack Exchange” didn’t hold back on his thoughts.

Joe Klecko believes Aaron Rodgers could ruin the Jets locker room and doesn’t want to see the @NYJets trade for the star QB.

Full Zach Gelb Show on @CBSSportsRadio chat with @ProFootballHOF Joe Klecko here: https://t.co/2avfYf96eR pic.twitter.com/f9soFRH0DG

— Zach Gelb (@ZachGelb) February 23, 2023

“I just can’t see them going after a guy that has had all his years and had his way and when it doesn’t turn out his way he goes dark.”

That’s not some random individual on the street talking. That’s an accomplished individual who has seen enough football to know what he’s talking about.

Furthermore, the Jets should be fully aware of taking on a disgruntled Green Bay Packers quarterback. See the Brett Favre experiment and how that went south.

Still, it’s hard not to speculate what could happen if Rodgers trades in his green and gold for green and white and how that could change things in the AFC East.

Joe Klecko provides a telling case on why the Jets should avoid Aaron Rodgers.

If we look at Aaron Rodgers’ history since he won Super Bowl XLV after the 2010 season, the postseason has been a massive disappointment. Multiple times, Green Bay was in the NFC Championship (Seattle, Atlanta, San Francisco, Tampa Bay), and all four times, they lost, the last one against someone named Tom Brady.

Furthermore, just this past season, all the Packers had to do to make the playoffs was to beat the Lions in the regular season finale. Instead, Kerby Joseph and the Pride stampeded into Green Bay, trampling the king of the frozen tundra with a stunning upset.

Also, regarding his behavior, signs and reports are giving indications that Green Bay has felt like Rodgers has enjoyed holding the organization in a position where they feel like a hostage and obliged to beg countless times for him to return. At some point in time, enough is enough, and it’s best to move on.

Joe Klecko has warned the Jets. The last few seasons and Aaron Rodgers’ resume alone should warn the Jets. They can ignore it, but the red flags, the luggage, and the history are all there. Buyer beware.

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