NFLPA President Chastises NFL for Soldier Field Conditions Via Twitter – NBC Chicago

Is Arlington Heights ready yet?

Soldier Field unveiled a dry, brown-spotted grass surface for the Bears‘ first preseason game versus the Kansas City Chiefs.

The poor field conditions are extremely noticeable to players and spectators of the game.

Now, it’s receiving national attention. The president of the NFL Players Association (NFLPA) tweeted his disproval of the field conditions, asking for the NFL to create better standards. 

The NFL said that this field met minimum testing standards. We clearly need to re-evaluate what is an acceptable surface for players to compete on. We need new testing metrics looking at the performance and safety of every field. The NFL can and should do better.

— JC Tretter (@JCTretter)

As a result of the Elton John concert at the stadium, the field created unacceptable playing conditions. There are multiple holes on the field that could prove dangerous for players. Despite the conditions, the NFL approved the field as a bare minimum standard of play. 

“There were spots yesterday that we noticed and we talked about with Trent[on] [Gill] because he’s new,” Santos said. “Look, if we have a field goal right here, we have to move it maybe off the hash. Or maybe on the field more, inside the hash more, just to get away from this hole.”

The turf has seen better days.

— Josh Schrock (@Schrock_And_Awe)

The field conditions prove to be another reason the Bears will likely depart Soldier Field and build a new stadium in Arlington Heights. The grass at Soldier Field are notoriously bad, receiving attention from players and fans nearly every season. 

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