NFL Week 15 Saturday grades: Vikings earn ‘B+’ for epic comeback; Ravens put in poor effort vs. Browns –

The NFL needed just the appetizer for the Saturday slate to have a wild day of football, thanks to the Minnesota Vikings‘ incredible comeback over the Indianapolis Colts. Not only did the Vikings complete the largest comeback in NFL history (33 points), but Kirk Cousins threw for the most pass yards in the second half and overtime in league history (417 yards).

The Vikings clinched the NFC North in the process and notched their 10th — yes their 10th — one-score victory of the season. They are the first team since the 2019 Seattle Seahawks to have 10 one-score victories in a season and the first team to have a 10-game win streak in one-score affairs. 

How was the Vikings-Colts showdown graded? What about the other Saturday games? We got you covered for the Week 15 Saturday slate. 

Minnesota 39-36 over Indianapolis in OT

When you fall down 33-0 for the largest home halftime deficit in franchise history, an ‘A’ becomes unattainable. However, the Vikings came as close as they could to earning that ‘A’ thanks to the largest comeback in NFL history — 33 points as they outscored the Colts 39-3 after the break. Kirk Cousins overcoming his two interceptions — including a pick-six — to throw for a career-high 460 yards and four scores is the definition of resilience. Hats off to the 2022 NFC North division champions, the Minnesota Vikings.
The Colts were on their way to an ‘A+’ as the defense, special teams, and offense all contributed to their 33-0 halftime lead. However, only scoring three points after halftime is a killer, and interim head coach Jeff Saturday left points on the board three different times inside the Vikings’ 10-yard line as his team kicked field goals from that distance. Also, the defense completely collapsed in the second half. Props for going up 33-0, but this loss probably blocks Saturday from becoming the Colts’ full-time head coach. 

Vikings-Colts grades by Garrett Podell (Love the grades? Hate the grades? Let him know on Twitter.)

Cleveland 13-3 over Baltimore

They didn’t so much win this game as the Ravens lost it. Cleveland averaged less than 5 yards per play, missed two field goals, took three sacks, and totaled only 13 points. And the Browns allowed the Ravens to run for over 7 yards per carry. A win is a win and all, but it’s not like this team played well on either side of the ball.
The Ravens did nothing well other than run the ball and they repeatedly shot themselves in the foot. I can’t in good conscience give them an ‘F’ for a game they played without their starting quarterback, but it was bad.

Browns-Ravens grades by Jared Dubin. (Love the grades? Hate the grades? Let him know on Twitter.)

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