NFL Star Supports Planned Parenthood With Cleat Design

Each year, the NFL hosts a fundraising campaign called “My Cause, My Cleats,” in which the league permits and encourages players to come up with a design on their footwear that shows support for a charity of their choosing. Usually, players use it to raise awareness for fundraisers that help breast cancer survivors or that prevent sex trafficking, but one player used his design to support abortion clinics.

New England Patriots running back Damien Harris plastered the “Planned Parenthood” logo on one of his shoes and the message “Her Body, Her Choice” on the other. While he was inactive for his team’s 24-10 defeat against the Buffalo Bills last night, he will still get a chance to wear them in next week’s game against the Arizona Cardinals.

Harris’ choice is even more discouraging when you consider that he has a Bible verse in his Twitter bio. If Harris is indeed a Christian, he should know that he can’t be both a follower of Jesus and an abortion supporter.

Thankful for the opportunity to represent @PPAdvocacyMA and to support women across America in the fight against the regulation of their bodies. #HerBodyHerChoice

— Damien Harris (@DHx34)

Nevertheless, some people thought his pro-abortion mill message was admirable and lauded him for it.

Thank you for supporting women’s rights and access to healthcare. @PPAdvocacyMA cares for numerous health needs for women from all walks of life and is an incredible organization. You’re a real gem, @DHx34. Can’t wait to have you back on the field. ❤️

— Kyle Faticoni (@kylefaticoni)

Thank you Damien – women deserve acess to healthcare they need. 👏

— sdg (@SDeguilio)

Others were rightfully unimpressed with Harris’ stunt.

Promoting the killing of Black babies I see. Should probably look into the history of Planned Parenthood, just saying

— Julian Anthony Rodriguez (@JulianAnthonyR3)

Taking a stand for all women? Well, except for the helpless, fragile one living inside the womb.

— The Truth (@carl4tide)

To clarify, the “My Cause, My Cleats” initiative is largely used to bring attention to organizations that help people, not kill defenseless, innocent babies. Plus, Planned Parenthood isn’t in any need of financial assistance, as it already has four clinics in Massachusetts that are adequately funded by taxpayer dollars. 

Of all the organizations out there, Planned Parenthood is the last one Harris should have picked. But then again, what would you expect from an entitled superstar in the most woke sports league in America?

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