NFL playoff impossible? How 3-9 Rams can still make playoffs, starting with Thursday’s game vs. Raiders –

The 2022 season has been a total disaster for the Los Angeles Rams. At 3-9, they’re off to the worst start in NFL history for a defending Super Bowl champion. 

The Rams had hopes of repeating as champs this year, but those hopes fell apart when they lost nearly half their roster to injury. Although the Rams seem hopelessly out of the playoff race right now, I would like to report that there’s still a path for them to make the postseason; all they need is for the impossible to happen and for Baker Mayfield to turn into a miracle worker. 

Will the Rams make the playoffs? Almost definitely not, but we decided to map out their path to the postseason anyway. 

Here’s what has to happen for the 3-9 Rams to get to the playoffs. (We wanted to keep this simple, so we will not be including any scenario that involves potential ties. The Giants and Commanders already made things complicated enough with their tie in Week 13.)

If all of this happens, here’s what the final NFC playoff standings would be: 

1. Eagles (16-1)
2. Vikings (14-3)
3. 49ers (12-5)
4. Buccaneers (9-8)
5. Cowboys (13-4)
6. Commanders (8-8-1)
7. Rams (8-9)

FIRST TWO OUT: Giants (7-9-1), Seahawks (7-10)

At 8-9, the Rams would get to the playoffs. And while I’m not saying they would be a dangerous team, they do have the king of dangerous now on their roster. 

Baker Mayfield woke up feeling dangerous.

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Of course, all of this playoff talk will go to waste if the Rams lose to the Raiders on Thursday night. With a loss in that game, the Rams will be officially eliminated and all of this playoff talk will have been for naught. 

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