NFL Network ruins Steelers tribute to Franco Harris: Fans get furious

Football fans weren’t happy about NFL Network cutting away from the Pittsburgh Steelers’ tribute to the late Franco Harris during halftime of their game against the Las Vegas Raiders.

Saturday was a somber day for the Pittsburgh Steelers organization and fanbase. On Tuesday, legendary running back Franco Harris passed away at the age of 72, just days before the team was set to retire his No. 32 while honoring the 50th anniversary of the Immaculate Reception in the 1972 AFC Divisional playoff game against the Raiders.

NFL Network aired the Steelers vs. Raiders game on Saturday. When the game reached halftime, the channel stayed with the ceremony, where president Art Rooney II made comments and presented Harris’ widow, Dana, and son, Dok, with the running back’s jersey. Members of the 1972 Steelers team were on the field for the ceremony as well.

As the public address announce at Acrisure Stadium instructed the crowd to turn their attentions to the video board for a tribute to Harris, NFL Network cut to a commercial. The viewing audience who tuned in to watch the entire tribute and ceremony for Harris wasn’t happy with the station’s decision to go to a commercial.

Fans upset with NFL Network for cutting to commercial during Franco Harris tribute

“Please turn to the videoboard as we honor Franco Harris…”

[Cut to Intel Commercial]

Great job, NFL Network! 🤦

Pretty shitty of NFL Network to cut away in middle of ceremony.

— Josh Yohe (@JoshYohe_PGH) December 25, 2022

I think @nflnetwork should issue an apology to everyone watching the Steelers game.

To go to commercial and not show the video montage of Franco Harris’ jersey retirement is insanely disrespectful. Even if it was a mistake, you should have immediately dumped out of the break.

— Emily Giangreco (@EmilyGiangreco) December 25, 2022

Today in #WTF News:@nflnetwork promoted the Immaculate Reception and Franco Harris for two weeks cut away from the Franco half time ceremony.

— Bob Greenburg (@BobGreenburg) December 25, 2022

Not even a Steelers fan, but it’s really messed up that NFL Network cut away from the Franco Harris halftime tribute and ceremony to show commercials. And I know they’ve gotta make money, fine, but they advertised showing it these last couple days. Pretty shameful, @nflnetwork.

— Cody Hills (@ByCodyHills) December 25, 2022

Guess you didn’t approve of showing the entire Franco Harris retirement ceremony.

— Steve Schmelick (@whatsthatschmel) December 25, 2022

The greed is so unbelievable, you had to put in a commercial break during the Franco Harris tribute. So disrespectful. Shameful.

— Jen Ettien (@JenEttien) December 25, 2022

Rich Eisen describing what the Franco Harris tribute was like because the viewing audience at home was watching commercials @nflnetwork

— Levi Damien (@LeviDamien) December 25, 2022

NFL Network should be absolutely embarrassed for cutting to commercial during the Franco Harris ceremony. Totally classless @nflnetwork

— Stephen Eyler (@Stephen_Eyler) December 25, 2022

It was certainly a decision for NFL Network to make, and as you can tell by the reaction, it wasn’t a popular decision.

For those who do want to watch the rest of the tribute, the Steelers’ official Twitter account posted the full 11-minute ceremony. For those wanting to see the exact video tribute to Harris is, that begins at the 6:45 mark.

LIVE: We honor the life and career of the late Franco Harris with the retiring of his #32 jersey at halftime.

Watch the second half of #LVvsPIT on @nflnetwork

— Pittsburgh Steelers (@steelers) December 25, 2022

Harris was a legend ever since joining the Steelers in 1972. He played a pivotal role in the Immaculate Reception in the aforementioned AFC Divisional playoff game. As quarterback Terry Bradshaw intended to throw a pass to John Fuqua, but it bounced off the helmet of Raiders safety Jack Tatum. Harris grabbed the football before it hit the ground and ran it in for the touchdown with just seconds remaining in regulation.

In 12 seasons with the Steelers, Harris won four Super Bowl titles, the Super Bowl 9 MVP award, and the NFL’s Offensive Rookie of the Year award (1972). He was also a nine-time Pro Bowler and a four-time All-Pro.

Ahead of the game, numerous Steelers players wore Harris No. 32 jerseys as they walked into the stadium. During pre-game introductions, defensive lineman Cameron Heyward ran onto the field holding a flag featuring Harris’ No. 32.

Those who wanted to watch the Harris ceremony won’t be too pleased with the NFL Network for quite some time, considering they cut away in the middle of it.

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