NFL free agency: Lamar Jackson video sparks imminent signing speculation that eventually gets shot down by QB –

Through the first week of free agency, Lamar Jackson hasn’t dropped a single hint about his future plans, but that appeared to change over the weekend when he showed up to see a Future concert in South Florida

During his night out, Jackson ran into Aaron Turk (who goes by FatsDaBarber) and Turk did what any normal person would do if they ran into Jackson: He asked the QB if he would be returning to Baltimore.

I think Lamar Jackson just said “it’s happening 👀 @Lj_era8 @Ravens

— R/C (@RC161476)

Near the end of the short video, you can hear the following exchange: Turk asks Jackson if he’s “coming back” to Baltimore and Jackson appears to respond by saying “It’s happening.”

However, Ravens fans should not go out and celebrate just yet because even if Jackson did say “it’s happening,” it turns out he had no idea what he was responding to because it was too loud at the concert, “I didn’t hear a word FatsDaBarber said,” Jackson wrote on Instagram, via the Ravens Wire. “It was too loud. See what you started.”

Ravens QB Lamar Jackson was at a concert yesterday and a fan beside him asked if he was coming back to the Ravens.

Fans have tried lip-reading and are saying Jackson said ‘I’m coming back.’

Jackson’s reply to the fans’ efforts.

(IG: new_era8)

— Kyle Phoenix Barber (@KylePBarber)

With Jackson’s future up in the air, people are clinging to any piece of information they can get, even if it involves Jackson answering questions while attending a loud concert where he couldn’t hear what he was being asked. 

Jackson hasn’t spoken to the media since December, so no one has really gotten a chance to ask him if he plans on leaving Baltimore now that he’s free to negotiate with other NFL teams

Although Jackson hasn’t offered any insight into what he might do, that could change soon. The former NFL MVP recently shared a teaser of an interview that he’s going to release at some point in the near future. 

During his upcoming interview, it’s possible that Jackson could offer some insight into his free agent process or possibly shed some light on his negotiations with the Ravens, but it’s also possible that he’ll avoid both topics. That being said, Jackson has been open on Twitter recently. Last week, he seemed to dispute a report that suggested the Ravens were ready to offer him $200 million in guaranteed money. 

The Ravens quarterback got hit with the franchise tag in March, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that he’ll be playing for the Ravens in 2023. Jackson is allowed to negotiate with other teams and he can even sign an offer sheet. However, if that happens, the Ravens will then have the chance to match the offer sheet. If the Ravens match the terms, then Jackson will stay in Baltimore, but if they decide to let him go, then Jackson’s new team will have to send two first-round picks to Baltimore.  

If Jackson stays in Baltimore without a long-term deal in place, he’ll be forced to play under the franchise tag, which will pay him $32.4 million for the 2023 season. 

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