NFL Fans Think Trevor Lawrence Admitted The NFL Is “Scripted” During Postgame Interview After Comeback Win vs. Chargers (VIDEO + TWEETS)

It was a tale of two halves, as Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback threw four interceptions and was trailing by a score of 27-0 at one point in the first half. But he led his team on a furious comeback, eventually beating the Los Angeles Chargers by a score of 31-30 in their Wild Card matchup on Saturday night.

It was a wild victory. So wild that it had many wondering whether it was all scripted by the NFL to unfold like that.

And Trevor Lawrence’s comments during his postgame interview certainly helped fan those conspiracy flames, as he flat-out admitted, “you couldn’t write a crazier script.”

Trevor Lawrence admitted the #NFL script is real 🤯🤯🤯

— MLFootball (@_MLFootball) January 15, 2023

Lawrence was obviously just trying to find a way to describe how unfathomable his team’s 27-point comeback really was, but fans certainly seemed to take his comments and run with them.

It’s pretty amazing how many people assumed T-Law had accidentally admitted that the NFL was rigging games.

“Couldn’t have scripted a better game” – Trevor Lawrence


— Keelan Wright (@KeelanWright762) January 15, 2023

Trevor Lawrence basically said the NFL is scripted 💀💀

— Cyan (23-15-6) (@RelCyan) January 15, 2023

“You couldn’t write a crazier script” – Trevor Lawrence admitting the NFL is scripted

— Mr. Bread Harrity (@alfonsohoops) January 15, 2023

Trevor Lawrence said right there, “Could not scripted any better.” It’s right there in everyone’s face.

— ArronSwarm (@ArronSwarm) January 15, 2023

You couldn’t write a crazier script- Trevor Lawrence.

Just confirmed the NFL is scripted. #NFLPlayoffs

— Jose Quevedo (@josegiovanny00) January 15, 2023

NFL quarterback Trevor Lawrence admitting the NFL is scripted after coming back from 27 points down.

Not even hiding it anymore….

— Vision4theBlind (@Michael3147) January 15, 2023

Trevor Lawrence just said it’s scripted. I been saying this for years. #NFLPlayoffs

— Bow (@oakleyboy05) January 15, 2023

Even Lawrence said it was scripted post game lmao

— Mike Tbow (@TbowMike) January 15, 2023

If the NFL really is scripting these games, they’re going to have a hard time following up this one for the remainder of the postseason.

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