NFL Fans Reacted To Shannon Sharpe Calling Aaron Rodgers A “Horrible Person” & “Prick” After Interview With Joe Rogan (TWEET)

Shannon Sharpe got some major fan reaction after he called out Aaron Rodgers.

The former NFL star called the Green Bay Packers quarterback a “prick” for his interview with Joe Rogan. He also referred to him as a ‘horrible person.’

Pat McAfee, who has Rodgers on his show during the NFL season, shared his reaction.

Here’s how social media responded to what Sharpe had to say:

Shannon Sharpe is hysterical. He called Aaron Rodgers a “Horrible Person” and a “Prick”.

These dudes on these terrible TV shows have some fuckin balls.

— Josh Innes (@JoshInnesShow) August 29, 2022

Shannon Sharpe on live TV today just called Aaron Rodgers a “prick” and a “horrible person” all because he didn’t take a vaccine lmao. @shannonsharpe you need to apologize because no one other than CNN is gonna take you seriously anymore

— Ben Goatlisberger (@BenGoatlisBurg) August 29, 2022

@ShannonSharpe Preach! Aaron Rodgers is a prick! Perfect word choice IMO

— Anthony X. 🇬🇺 ✊🏾 (@TonyToneTone24) August 29, 2022

@AaronRodgers12 was true to himself and his beliefs like a true Man. While @ShannonSharpe looks like a leftist puppet paid to push talking points that have been proved to be LIES! Sounds like you’re the prick, Shannon.
Go Pack Go!!

— HG (@lonestarpackers) August 30, 2022

@ShannonSharpe did you actually listen to the podcast with Rodgers? He explains in great detail the SCIENCE that influenced his decision. You call him a prick but give Deshaun, a possible rapist with 20+ sexual assault allegations the benefit of the doubt? Wow….

— MFerrari8123 (@ferrari8123) August 29, 2022

Yo @ShannonSharpe really called Aaron Rodgers a prick 😭😭

— Cash Cow 🐮 (@fcf_Chris) August 29, 2022

bruh Shannon Sharpe just called Aaron Rodgers a prick on TV lmaoooooo

— I Have Mental Wealth (@StevenFromNJ) August 29, 2022

@ShannonSharpe Preach! Aaron Rodgers is a prick! Perfect word choice IMO

— Anthony X. 🇬🇺 ✊🏾 (@TonyToneTone24) August 29, 2022

While smoking a cigar, Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers wide range of topics, including the star player’s COVID-19 vaccination status, which did not involve an injection.

“It involved basically a couple month process of taking diluted strand of the virus, so I was doing basically what the vaccine is supposed to do,” Rodgers said.

Rodgers even thanked Joe Rogan for coming up with a treatment plan to help the quarterback recover from COVID-19 when he tested positive last season.

“I really appreciate you and you helping me out during that time,” Rodgers said on the podcast. “I reached out to you, I think, beginning of the season … You helped me with a game plan to be ready in case I did get COVID. And I followed it to a T, and when I got COVID, within 36 hours I was symptom-free and feeling amazing.”

Rogan previously came under fire for saying that young people do not need to get a COVID vaccine. He responded to the backlash by saying: “I’m not a doctor. I’m a fucking moron. I’m not a respected source of information, even for me.”

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