Megyn Kelly Says Tom Brady Gave Ex-Wife Gisele Bündchen ‘Middle Finger’ With Extra Year in NFL

Megyn Kelly publicly blasted Tom Brady after saying that the NFL legend sacrificed his marriage to Gisele Bündchen in order to play an additional year of football was essentially giving her “the middle finger.” The anchor reacted to Brady’s retirement after he announced through a video on social media saying he was officially retiring saying, “I wouldn’t change a thing.”

The comment didn’t quite sit well with Kelly, as she stated, “You [Tom Brady] wouldn’t change the part at the end where you lost your wife of 13 years because you wouldn’t retire? A thing that you decided to do 365 days later.”

“Honestly, Tom Brady seems like a rather sweet guy,” she added. “I don’t know if he’s evil-hearted. He’s amazing as a football player, but the collapse of your marriage over one extra year of football seems like something one should regret.”

Tom Brady is Retiring… What Does That Mean For Gisele?

The football player had first announced his retirement last year, only to change his mind and play this past season for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. According to several sources, his decision led to arguments between the couple. Although Kelly doubted that Brady’s decision to return to football is what split the marriage, she left open the possibility that it was  one of the main reasons. 

“If that really was the reason, he lasted one more year,” Kelly stated. “For one year, he lost his spouse. Where’s the self-sacrifice? Where’s the mature decision to say, ‘I will table my one year to sacrifice, for you, my spouse; to sacrifice for the sake of my marriage and for the sake of my children to have their family remain together’?”

She went on to speculate as to what the supermodel has been thinking about the whole incident. “What would it be like to be Gisele [Bündchen] today?” She asked. “Gisele Bündchen is waking up to her next big photo shoot and sees [Tom Brady’s announcement].” She also wondered what the conversation between the former couple would sound like.

“‘Okay, so you [Tom Brady] could have saved the marriage a year ago when I begged you to do this and you refused’,” she noted.

“‘And you decided for 300-plus days, it wouldn’t be worth it to lose me, cause all this heartache to our children, blow up our beautiful life. For what? For one season?

She added, “I mean, just the insult. And even if that is what actually happened, what a middle finger. “That isn’t a good marriage. That is somebody who’s not actually connected and in love and intimately involved in the way you would expect and want your spouse to be.”

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