Meet Shred Bucs: ETSU’s new skating collective

The ETSU “Shred Bucs” are a newly-formed skating group on campus that was officially established just this semester.

The group was founded by juniors and avid skaters, Alex Graham and Hunter Fromm, who are now president and vice president of Shred Bucs. In the time span of just these past few weeks of the semester, they have gathered more than 50 student participants as part of their organization.

“Come this year, I ran into this guy [Graham] and he just randomly asked me if I would be willing to teach people to skate and I said yeah, totally,” said Fromm. “So we started working on this group.”

As time went on, word spread around campus of this new association via social media, which has largely contributed to their success. 

“I think the main goal is just to have everybody that skates to join, and people who want to learn to skate should just reach out to us,” said Graham.

There are no strict policies or procedures found within their organization, as most of their meetups are simply late night skates around the D.P. Culp Student Center or within the local area.

Members typically just send a message in their group’s Discord chat to spread word about when they will be skating and others join them. Shred Bucs only assemble every few weeks to brainstorm plans for future meetups.

“Growth happens in a lot of ways and one of them is definitely just word of mouth, which, as far as I’m concerned, you show up once and I consider you a Shred Buc,” said Graham.

If you are interested in learning to skate or want more information on Shred Bucs, reach them on Instagram at @shred_bucs_.

ETSU’s new skating group logo. (Contributed/Shred Bucs)

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