Lawsuit Alleges NFL Films Catalogued Lewd Shots of Cheerleaders at Games

NFL Films is under fire for allegedly not just taking shots of cheerleaders’ breasts and buttocks at games, but saving them to a large database.

NFL Films is the official production arm of the National Football League. It is facing a lawsuit that alleges “sexualized and offensive descriptions of women,” filed by former employee Victoria Russell in New Jersey, per the Wall Street Journal.

Russell was a human resources employee of the company and was fired last year.

The suit accuses NFL Films of timestamping and cataloging clips that included “cheerleaders buttocks, cheerleader’s rear end, female fan in a bikini top, naughty camera work, close up of cheerleader’s breasts, cleavage shot and shot of endowed woman.”

The NFL has denied that clips were saved for anything more but making sure they were flagged and not viewed by the general public.

“NFL Films logs and stores every frame of footage shot by its cinematographers, freelance camera people, and the broadcast networks,” the NFL’s chief spokesperson, Brian McCarthy, told the New York Post.

“That footage inevitably includes images of fans, cheerleaders, and even players that may not be appropriate for inclusion in the content that NFL Films produces.”

McCarthy added that the clips in Russell’s lawsuit were marked as ones that were not to be shared.

“Those frames are logged as ‘sensitive’ so that they can be removed from circulation, meaning they will not be accessible to employees whose job it is to locate footage for productions,” McCarthy told the Post.

“Ms. Russell did not have credentials for the logging system, nor did any aspect of her responsibilities involve accessing footage,”

Russell, who is black, was hired by NFL Films in 2018. Along with mentioning the clips, she alleged that the league office consists of “rampant misconduct against women, particularly women of color.”

McCarthy vehemently shot down those claims as well.

“We are committed to providing all employees a workplace that is respectful, diverse, inclusive and free from discrimination and harassment,” McCarthy told the Post.

“We strive to provide all members of the NFL the ability to thrive with equal access to growth, development and opportunity. Consistent with this commitment, the NFL did not discriminate or retaliate against Ms. Russell during her time as a temporary staff member.”

“We will vigorously defend against these claims.”

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