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Legendary Bucs linebacker Lavonte David, a pending free agent, put on his general manager hat today in Phoenix.

David hopped on WDAE radio and was asked to play GM and roll out what he thinks the Bucs should do at quarterback.

David had a clear vision.

“Obviously you want to get a top-of-market guy like Aaron Rodgers, Derek Carr, but in the situation that we’re in, being a GM and being realistic, you have to go with Kyle Trask,” David said. “You have to put all your all your faith in Kyle Trask. You drafted him in the second round. You got the pieces; you gotta put the pieces around him before he can succeed. And you got to get the right offensive coach in who can be able to develop him to be the playmaker that we all know he can be.

“I love what I see [of Trask]. He’s a prototypical guy. You know, he’s able to move. He’s got a nice ball. Getting a chance to compete against him, obviously when he was on the scout team he made a lot of good throws against [the Bucs defense] and stuff like that. So I definitely feel like he could be a guy who could, you know, come in and help turn us into a winning football team.”

Well, there you go. The Trask flag is waving tonight.

Joe’s not surprised David went there. He may be the best second-round pick in Bucs history, so David surely knows guys can outplay their draft position if they have the drive and are put in a good position to succeed.

Trask, of course, remains a mystery to nearly everyone in the NFL after two seasons of riding the bench and getting little first-team work in preseason.

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