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Fighting to get open.

Now this is good stuff.

For those who don’t know Doug Farrar, he’s an X’s and O’s guy, not so much a stat geek, who has worked for various football publications over the years. He even got Richard Sherman to sit down with him once to go over coverage schemes — just him and Sherman.

Farrar tries to learn from the guys on the field. Who would know better other than a coach?

Typing for, Farrar tried to find out what is wrong with the Bucs offense. It’s a long, but fun read. It’s also sad because it seems there are things Bucs offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich could easily tweak to help things out.

But, Leftwich is Leftwich.

One element of the passing game is Mike Evans and Chris Godwin aren’t getting separation like they used to. Farrar isn’t sure why, but he believes injuries and a very elementary, vanilla throwing concept are two culprits.

[E]very throw in this offense is a tight-window throw. More and more, defenses are pressing Brady’s receivers and getting away with it, because Brady’s receivers are not separating from coverage. Per Next Gen Stats. Mike Evans had averaged 5.9 yards of cushion (how close a defender is to him at the snap) per target, but he’s averaged just 2.7 yards of separation per route. Evans has been dealing with injuries this season, and it unfortunately shows. Chris Godwin has averaged 6.7 yards of cushion per target, and 2.8 yards of separation. Brady’s primary receivers aren’t getting open, even when the defense presents more favorable opportunities with coverage. The more that happens, the more defenses are going to press them.

And Farrar later pointed out if your best receivers are in one-on-one matchups, which Leftwich prefers, imagine how the secondary/lesser receivers are struggling to get open?

So yeah, what this boils down to is that Leftwich isn’t creative (smart?) enough to mix things up more and work in more concepts to help Evans and Godwin spring free.

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