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Former Patriots reporter explains.

On the night the Bucs embarrassed themselves before a national TV audience on “Monday Night Football,” by getting their arses handed to them by the Cowboys, Tom Brady grabbed people’s attention.

In his mandatory postgame press conference, Brady stunned many by thanking reporters for covering him and the Bucs and acknowledging the Fourth Estate’s jobs aren’t the easiest. Many took this as Brady’s coded and forever goodbye to the Tampa Bay area.

Former Boston Globe reporter Nora Princiotti did not get that vibe. Princiotti heard that spiel years ago as a beat reporter covering the Belicheats

Princiotti, on “The Press Box” podcast heard on The Ringer, mentioned Brady’s postseason response was actually a deeply ingrained indoctrination from the Belicheats coming out.

It wasn’t unusual for Belicheats players to say similar words, Princiotti said, because they are under direct orders from Bill Belicheat to be hostile, bland and dry to reporters during the season.

“Patriots players would actually do it a lot,” Princiotti said of players thanking reporters after the season ended. “It would sometimes be a bit of a mea culpa. Like, ‘Sorry about all the times I had to be a jerk this year.’

“The season would end and it would be, ‘You guys have a hard job. We appreciate it.’ Blah… blah… blah… blah. And you’re like, ‘It’s fine.’”

So Princiotti is not moved to say the next we hear of Brady’s voice will be on a FOX broadcast of an NFL game.

“I really don’t think he will be,” Princiotti said of Brady working for FOX in 2023. “I think he will keep playing. I think he will come back.”

But where? Princiotti didn’t offer an answer.

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