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“I love you, Tommy.”

One of Tom Brady’s dear friends sort of summed up the feelings of many NFL observers.

Barking and grunting this morning on SiriusXM NFL Radio was highly successful NFL playcaller Charlie Weis. (Yes, Joe realizes that description makes most Gators fans cringe.) Weis was offensive coordinator in New England during Brady’s formative years, and then he led offenses that turned Vinny Testaverde (Jets) and Matt Cassel (Chiefs) into Pro Bowl quarterbacks. Weis is no Byron Leftwich.

Those who listen to Weis routinely know he thinks Brady was and is the greatest football being ever created and he can do no wrong, and neither can Bill Belicheat. But outside of them, Weis is quite objective and never seems afraid to call it as he sees it.

So here’s how Weis summed up the Bucs’ chances on Monday night against Dallas:

“I think Dallas is a much better team. … They are one of the teams that is set up to make a run to win it all here.” Weis said. “I think Tampa looks kind of old to me. And I’ll take Tampa.” (No typo there).

Weis was candid that Brady is why he’s picking Tampa, in addition to a Bucs defense solid enough to take advantage of the Cowboys’ mistake.

“I don’t like anything about the Bucs right now other than that Tommy’s at quarterback,” Weis continued. “They look old to me, but the defense is still pretty good and Dallas has turned the ball over a bunch of times.”

Ironically, Weis says Brady is why the Bucs will win but he predicts a very low scoring game. Confusing stuff. But that’s what happens when man love clouds one’s thinking, Joe supposes.

Joe has maintained that the Bucs defense is good enough to put the team on its back and nearly win a game on its own. That’s probably what has to happen Monday for the Bucs to advance.

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