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“You guys see Miranda Lambert yet?”

So what is going on with Tom Brady? It’s anyone’s guess.

A week ago Tom Brady went on vacation took a leave of absence which got the green light from the Bucs. Supposedly, Brady will be ready for the regular season. Brady’s people, or someone close to Brady, made sure the right folks in the national media knew no one in his family was sick. So what is it?

Colin Cowherd basically has thrown in the towel and has given up trying to figure out Brady. And Cowherd seems to be in the same camp as Joe: As long as Brady lines up behind center at Dallas for Week 1, all will be right in Joe’s world.

Cowherd, smartly, believes with so many starters throughout the league getting just about the entire preseason off, the last guy the Bucs should be worried about is Brady.

“I don’t think it matters,” Cowherd said of Brady on vacation. “Aaron Rodgers never plays in preseason. I don’t think chemistry is an issue. This is his third year with the guys. It’s a terrible division. [The Bucs] are going to win it going away.”

In fact, Cowherd said he wouldn’t have an issue with Brady staying home rather than traveling to Munich when the Bucs face the Seahawks in the first regular season game in NFL history to be played in Germany. That way, Cowherd said, Brady can have another mini vacation and not have to travel overseas and be fresh for the playoffs.

Man, if Brady did that the NFL would fully freak out. The reason the Bucs were chosen for this game in the first place was because of Brady, so the NFL can market the sport to the krauts. That all blows up in smoke if Brady stays stateside.

Cowherd also added that if he had to guess, he thinks Brady had something set up with his family during his 40-day retirement and Brady doesn’t want to go back on his word so the Bucs told him to go enjoy himself.

That makes about as much sense as anything else.

To see and hear Cowherd’s full take, you can view the FS1 video below.

“Let’s be honest. Tom Brady was retired. The Bucs got a break he came back.”

@ColinCowherd on TB12’s absence pic.twitter.com/FVyTrKG8vA

— Herd w/Colin Cowherd (@TheHerd) August 12, 2022

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