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Sinking offense.

What Joe is about to type is as mindblowing as it gets.

The Bucs have scored one touchdown in the last 10 quarters of play against losing teams. Just on face value without any further intel, that is galling.

Then you throw in the Bucs have a healthy Tom Brady, a guy who last year led the NFL in passing and touchdowns thrown, the greatest quarterback who ever lived.

Flanking him is a wide receiver by the name of Mike Evans, who Joe believes will be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. On the other side of the field is a Pro Bowl receiver, Chris Godwin. In the backfield is a former fourth-overall pick in the draft, Playoff Lenny.

And the Bucs cannot score. Is this some weird Stephen King movie? Is this a Monty Python skit?

Led by failing Bucs offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich, the star-studded offense is right up there with the dregs of the NFL.

The Bucs average 17.7 points a game, tied for fifth-worst in the NFL. One team the Bucs are tied with is the lousy Lovie Smiths, who just dumped former Bucs receiver Tyler Johnson this week.

Also, the Bucs are tied with the team they just lost to, the Stinking Panthers, an offense led by an XFL refugee with just one receiver to speak of.

One team the Bucs are worse than in scoring (barely) is the Bears. The Bears! A team notorious for its tradition of trash offenses.

The Bucs are also scoring just a hair worse than another punchless offense, the Washington Commandos.

Hell, the Dixie Chicks running a glorified 1960s college offense are much better offensively than the Bucs. How is it Pete Carroll and Brian Daboll and Dan Campbell and Kevin Stefanski (!) can figure out how to have much better offenses with only a fraction of the talent Leftwich has to work with?

Meanwhile, the Leftwich-led Bucs are going backwards. They’ve scored 21, 18 and 3 points in the past three games, respectively. With Brady at quarterback, that’s downright criminal!

Imagine if your last name is “Glazer.” All the resources and cash you have shoveled into that offense for (likely) one final run at glory with Brady, and this is what you get?

Joe swears if Leftwich pulls his usual Playoff Lenny run up the gut for a one-yard loss to start the game tonight, 80 percent of Bucs fans in the stadium, at bars, at home will become this guy and mentally check out.

Hi, good night everybody 🌙

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