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Teammates have a hunch.

No one seems to know what Tom Brady will do in less than two months when the free agency dinner bell rings. But a couple of anonymous Bucs players seem to know.

Speaking off the record to NFL uber insider Ian Rapoport of NFL Network, two Bucs players say the way Brady acted in the final days of the season and the way he spoke with his teammates gave off the vibe that, outside of future work responsibilities, he’s seen the last of The Licht House.

One said, “I’d be surprised if he’s back.”

Another opined, “He sounded like a person saying goodbye for good.”

Of course, that is just guesswork but Joe has to wonder how the jettisoning of failed Bucs offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich and Clyde Christensen factors in. Joe has no idea what Brady’s relationship with Leftwich is — Rapoport claims the two were bros — but Joe always saw Brady talking with Christensen and often when the two walked off the practice field together their conversations were animated, usually jovial.

Does Brady really want to learn a brand-new offense? At least with Las Vegas he has a background with Josh McDaniels so it wouldn’t be foreign.

Joe would lay cash, of forced to wager, that Brady ends up in Miami. They have the weapons, the location and the means to lure Mr. Seven Rings.

Joe doesn’t think the Dolphins would blink an eye and throw Tua, a walking concussion waiting to happen in the final year of his contract, into Biscayne Bay to land the final piece of their Super Bowl run puzzle.

From @NFLGameDay: Some of Tom Brady’s #Bucs teammates felt he was saying goodbye to Tampa for good. If so… what’s next? pic.twitter.com/jkENQgDqMS

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