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Zach Wilson: Last year I came away from the Green and White scrimmage worried about the QB1. This year I feel very differently. The kid showed accuracy and arm strength and quickness that lacked last year. While I’m still waiting for the return of his big play ability he is doing other things well. He had a throw in the first 11v11s where he stepped up in the pocket and side armed the ball around the pass rusher to the flat. It was very cool. Anyway I liked his performance today.

Conklin: He’s good. Dynamic in small areas.

TEs generally: Cager flashed with a few catches, Yeboah did the same, Uzomah is steady. It’s a good room and someone with potential is going to be cut. Ruckert  is lucky he was a 3rd rounder at this point.

OL: Sign Duane Brown. Good day for Max Mitchell

WRs: Corey Davis isn’t in danger of getting cut but his first team reps were limited. Moore was silent. Jeff Smith is either bad or not idk anymore. Mims had some short slot catches. Wilson is fun. Irvin Charles is intriguing.

Sauce Gardner: He’s a baller. If he got beat it was deep and very close to the sideline. Very popular, he feels like a star.

LBs: Minimal contact so little takeaway here. Kwon played with the second team.

Jermaine Johnson: Not a good day for the rookie. Got shut down by Mitchell then run at for a big gain. He failed to disengage in time a few times. I came out more skeptical about him.

Pass rushers: Martin, Huff, Lawson, Zuniga were active

IDL: Solomon Thomas looked good, Rankins took a knock, just please keep Q healthy.

Bryce Hall: Good Day

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