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Bucco Bruce Arians

After all the national chatter and speculation about when and why Bucco Bruce Arians decided to retire, and how that may have tied to Tom Brady’s unretirement, Joe can’t ignore this nugget from Arians’ wife.

Christine Arians, an attorney, philanthropist and child advocate, joined a podcast called Powers On Sports and hit on all kinds of subjects, including her husband retiring from the Tampa Bay head coaching job.

She laid out the transition to Todd Bowles as Bruce Arians making the call to step down after Tom Brady unretired. Mrs. Arians also said she was confident Arians would have retired if Brady hadn’t called it quits in early February, but her husband didn’t want to “turn over a mess” to Bowles like he had in New York with the Jets.

“When Tom came back, it was like, ‘Oh my gosh. I can do this,’” Mrs. Arians said, quoting her husband.

“Now, it’s typical NFL stuff. It took three weeks to get it all worked out. You know, there’s (inaudible)stuff.  You have to do an interview process. But guess what? Everybody’s under contract so how do you do an interview process? They had to have a meeting and some committee meeting, etc. Anyway, after three weeks of being quiet (laughs) it finally got done and was announced.”

Joe believes Mrs. Arians, who does spectacular work for many communities and certainly seems more credible than anyone working in the NFL.

But what’s interesting to Joe is how Mrs. Arians twice emphasized “three weeks’ that her husband and the Bucs kept his retirement decision quiet before Bowles was named head coach on Wednesday, March 30. That puts Arians’ decision to step down back to March 9 or earlier. The NFL Scouting Combine ended March 7. Tom Brady announced his unretirement on Sunday, March 13.

Of course, Brady probably advised the Bucs he was coming back before the announcement on the 13th, and three weeks could have been a roundoff job by Mrs. Arians.

Regardless, the timetables are tight.

A lot of fans and media types have wanted to know which came first: Arians quitting or Brady returning. They’ve speculated that Brady came back only because Arians was leaving, or that an arrangement was worked out because Brady didn’t want to play for Arians, but many believe Arians is a man of his word and quit because he wanted Bowles to be gifted a Brady-led Bucs with an intact staff of Arians’ coaches.

Mrs. Arians certainly backed up that Bucco Bruce quit when he knew Brady was returning. Joe believes her, even if there are shades of gray in the equation.

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