Fox News’ Harris Faulkner discusses faith, family and Chiefs football

Photo – Harris Faulkner pictured in Chiefs beanie.

Harris Faulkner: Well, they brought in great players. And as we saw with some quarterbacks, Patrick Mahomes, was at training camp this summer and really got to know those receivers and those running backs. I won’t name names. But there’s at least one quarterback who decided he didn’t do that.

So, I do think that Tyreek Hill is very, very special. But when you bring in no fewer than eight to 10 other people, they don’t all do the same job. So I kind of always got confused and people would say, ‘Oh, look, you know all these people to replace Tyreek Hill.’ Actually, it didn’t. You can’t replace a talent like that. What you can do is reorder your game. You know, if suddenly they lose Patrick Mahomes. You see Chad Henne went down there and got that 98-yard touchdown drive, right? Yeah. Because dude went out and what do we do now? I think Andy Reid is so gifted. And I think Eric Bieniemy, I think those guys are so gifted. That it is amazing what the defense and offense can do. You need a leader and Patrick Mahomes is special. And he was the first one to congratulate Chad Henne and I’m sure those guys talk all the time about what it’s going to be like if we switch up. And I just feel like Andy Reid has them prepared. Patrick has the leadership and he’s got some people who stayed. I mean, look, Travis Kelce. He’s as much of an important player on that team as Tyreek Hill ever was now, time and grade. And now he’s leading the NFL in all these stats that can’t even keep up with him.

I mean, god bless him. I know I do this for a living, you know, doing the news. Sometimes you talk about all the stats and things because you want to give people a little something extra as they watch whatever they’re watching. And some of the games were decent battles, like not all of them are really high scoring. So you got to talk about something. I mean, their defense is so good now. I thought the first half of the Cincinnati game I wasn’t really sure what’s going to happen there. ‘Is anybody going to score more? What’s going on?’ And it is because Kansas City has worked on the rest of its game.

And as you saw with Joe Burrow, I mean, that’s another guy who’s a great leader. He’s in there with their with his guys. But Kansas City has something special. I mean, nowwithstanding the mayor, put him aside. I mean, just in general, but some of the players that they brought in. First of all, you have a running game now with guys that get yards after catch/carry. You slide that ball in their hands, they’re just spinning and doing whatever they’ve got to do to get more yardage. I mean, it’s impressive. It’s really impressive. I don’t think that one person, like I said, is everything. But now they have Valdez-Scantling. I mean, they think they’ve got some names now. They really, really do. And look, I think in terms of wide receivers, as I just mentioned, you’ve got Valdes-Scantling, you’ve got Kadarius Toney. And Travis Kelce, you’ve got to have somebody else to go to. So that when you do go to him and I love watching that, you sting them. So, do we miss cheetah? Of course we do. But we got a lot going. I mean, I know I didn’t name them all. But we got a lot going on. And and more people now that can do things that will surprise defenses by the way, what was that thing called when they were rolling around like a doughnut. Snowglobe! I mean, Andy Reid, come on. Can you design my life? I want Andy Reid to come up with some ways that I should, when I’m walking, I want to like have a game like that where, ‘Oh, look at Harris she just did like a spin.’ 

I think one of the big adjustments that Andy Reid has made with Patrick Mahomes is saying, ‘You don’t have to be the savior every time.’ You don’t have to throw interceptions, trying to do something, that’s an occasion you didn’t have to rise to. And I think that’s a really good lesson in life to learn that, you know, sometimes you play within yourself. Which these are all platitudes of sports, you can tell I live with athletes, but you play within yourself so that you complete things. And then when it’s time to do the bomb move, you’ve got it. And I love where Patrick’s game is right now, I think he’s got that down. And, you know, I always look for silver linings. I think that having this downtime, coming back from an injury, he will develop different things. Because you know, he’s brilliant. And Andy Reid will help him. And I think Philly’s defense is going to have a problem, because it’s gonna be hard to read a guy like that. ‘Wait he was hurt two weeks ago. Now, what is he doing?’ So I’m excited! Can you tell, I’m excited?

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