Former NFL Star Arian Foster Says The NFL Is Rigged, Twitter Responds With Hilarious Scenarios

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Super Bowl LVII may be set, but NFL conspiracy theorists are still in full effect. This time it’s not about Damar Hamlin’s body double but how the league as a whole isn’t genuinely competitive because it’s rigged. The theory comes from former NFL player Arian Foster’s recent appearance on Barstool Sports podcast Macrodosing.

Host PFT Commentator sarcastically says that before the camera was rolling, Foster explained to him that prior to the season kicking off, he’d receive a script at the beginning of training camp that outlined how the year would go, including everything from bad calls from referees, injuries, scoring and more.

Former NFL player arian foster admits NFL is literaly rigged

— PFT Commenter (@PFTCommenter) January 31, 2023

Foster, who was a running back for the Huston Texans from 2009 to 2015– keeps the bit going when asked about how he approached the script and if he rehearsed.

“I was really dedicated to it. That’s what practice was about; it was about practicing the script,” he said.

He even jokingly compared it to WWE, saying, “We know what’s going to happen, but we still have to put on a show.”

The clip ends with Arian Foster being asked how he reacted to getting the script that his “career would fall off a cliff” in 2016.

Twitter found the joke hilarious and envisioned some of the league’s biggest players’ reactions to receiving their script before the season began.

See the best reactions below.


damar hamlin when he saw the week 16 script

— just myles (@rescuepackmyles) January 31, 2023


trevor lawrence after getting his first playoff game script

— charmin🧏🏾‍♂️ (@xnosea) February 1, 2023


The Cowboys After getting the same script for the 28th year in a row:

— Miles (@mtvsthewrld_) February 1, 2023


tom brady getting the script for his career after getting drafted

— Owen (@diIlafan) February 1, 2023


Riley Cooper practicing his 2013 script

— Samari Trolle 〽 (@Jets_AtYa_Neck) February 1, 2023


Kennedy Golladay after reading his script with the Giants.

— Connor Kelley (@_connorkelley_) February 1, 2023


Ray Lewis preparing for his role after reading his script for the 1999-2000 season

— Chidden Nuddet (@Maraculousness) February 1, 2023


Mike Tomlin at the team meeting calling out for Ben Roethlisberger to get his script for the 2009/2010 season

— Rick 🅙 (@RaidersLakers) February 1, 2023


Nick Bosa practicing his script after getting drafted

— WWE Burner (@WWEBurnerr) February 1, 2023


Jalen Hurts and A.J. Brown on FaceTime after reading the script for this

— Barstool Philly (@BarstoolPhilly) February 1, 2023


Tom Brady going off the script at his retirement announcement:

— Bron’s Best (@LBJsBest) February 1, 2023


Kyle Shanahan after receiving the NFCCG script

— Nick Newman (@NinerNick_22) February 1, 2023


Tua Tagovailoa trying to remember his lines for Week

— God’s Gift 🙏🏿 (@Tommy_W1587) February 1, 2023

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